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This book - Free your mind, will teach you how to control your mind to make the law of attraction work in your favor. It also describes simple but powerful meditation techniques and how to easily create your own mantras. 

Along the teachings presented here, it will become obvious that the law of attraction follows certain and very common patterns that, once understood, allow anyone to gain control over life with much more accuracy and manifest any desire more rapidly.

  1. How the Mind Controls You
  2. Laws inside the Law of Attraction
  3. The Multidirectional Dynamic
  4. How People Stop Success
  5. Shaping Your Thoughts
  6. A Powerful but Simple Exercise

How the Mind Controls You

 You can only control what is seen, meaning that, only if you know from where your beliefs about money come from are you able to solve a problem related to it.

 There's a simple exercise you can do to help in this path. As our parents are responsible for what we think about money, and then our friends, if you write in a paper what they always told you and repeated, in the end, you’ll realize why your life has always been the way it is. Your whole existence will become clear and obvious, even your problems, challenges and needs.

For example, most people don’t know they are depressed, until I explain to them that their addiction to chocolate and coffee works as a suppressor of their conscience.

 The same applies to money. Most of your decisions, difficulties and thoughts related to life are connected to it, even though you may have never realized it.

When I applied this exercise on myself, I could see how I was manipulated with sentences like "money is hard to earn", "money is only for evil people", "nobody can get rich”, or “half the world steals from another half”. [...]


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