How to Change the World

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Could you or anyone else change the world? Yes, even though many people can't realize this reality isn’t only in what we see but other things too, which lay beyond our eyesight. The easiest level to perceive is the one of our senses: We believe what we see and trust what we hear; we also believe what we feel. And we then think that these ways are all we need to know. But there is another level, below this, in which most people find themselves — the level of illusion, as what happens when we conceive reality according to our mental filters. Most people are not even aware of the idea of reality and what it truly is, or how it works at a vibrational level, much less their capacity to handle it and control it, or even transform it. For this reason, in this book, you will learn about all the levels that compose human consciousness and how to use this information to ascent to a higher state of mind, but also help others achieve the same.

  1. Introduction
  2. The State of Mass Hypnosis
  3. How Tyranny is Imposed by the Masses
  4. How Evil Spreads in the World
  5. The Battle of Good and Evil
  6. What Ignorance Looks Like
  7. What Self-Development Should Be
  8. The Planetary Barrier Towards Higher Realms
  9. Why Altruism is Rejected by the Majority
  10. Why Ignorance Leads to Oppression
  11. The Decision to Change Oneself
  12. What Can We Expect From Others
  13. Why People Repeat Their Problems
  14. How the Ego Nullifies Awareness
  15. The Energies That Shape Our Experiences
  16. How to Change the World

The State of Mass Hypnosis

Why is it that people insist on behaviors that are completely irrational and even refuse to see the negative consequences in their life? In short, the answer is: Mass hypnosis. Most people have been hypnotized by a repetition of concepts, ideas and values, on a daily basis. But how? Quite simply, by exposure: Music, movies, the media, their friends, and their relatives — all of which are exposed to the same.

In school, indoctrination, and peer pressure, reinforces furthermore the idea of the mass opinion as being the most valid. And so, at some point, everyone is full of rationalizations and patterns that are anti-survival. They don’t see it, because everyone is under this same hypnotic state. And what controls their rationalizations, in short, are simply lies commonly agreed upon.

This common state of mind is also identified by what is known as being “open-mined”. Many so called open-minded individuals, refuse to see how experience proves their values completely wrong, among which is the idea that men and women are the same. They have never been and never will be; men and women choose their partners differently and based on different criteria, betray and cheat for different reasons too, and see life from different angles, valuing different things the most. They also reflect their experiences, failures and emotions, in a different way. To deny such differences means to discriminate them based on gender, because this is what happens with the school system, that denies learning through interaction with objects, and in doing so favors the female gender. If school was a Spartan training academy, we would then be led on the opposite direction, claiming that boys are smarter, more efficient and more effective than girls. And yet, the differentiation itself is made earlier and with more impact at an emotional level, as many studies on psychology have repeatedly shown us, for people always respond according to what is expected from them. Whenever the expectations are higher, they tend to do better.

The attitude of being open-minded leads us then to another, even more naive, state of mind, which is a transe-like state in which people force themselves to believe that the whole world is wonderful, quite often by reinforcing it with mentally devastating meditation techniques, in which they push themselves to repress even more their own emotions. When doing this, such individuals regress to a lower level of immaturity, in which their problems multiply, simply because they can’t handle the causes. And the more problems they have that they can’t deal with, the further they regress, up to a point in which medication becomes inevitable to handle daily life.

Among the main causes for suffering that people can’t handle seeing, is jealousy. It is shocking to admit that many of the people we know, most likely nearly everyone around us, is terribly jealous of our happiness and success, because it accentuates their misery and irresponsibility. And the more miserable and irresponsible someone is, the more this person will resent the success and happiness of others, in relationships, work or simply popularity and attractiveness.

The lack of capacity to handle such truth, brings me to another one that people don’t even want to hear: death. We will all die, but somehow, nobody wants to know that. Before death, however, comes change. And so, to admit that our friends change, is to admit that life, as we know it, never remais static and ends too. And this reality — a life in permanent change and transformation towards decadence and death, is unbearable to most humans beings. And so, they remain attached to friends who destroy their relationships, mothers who rejoice in their dramas, and overall, advice that, in the name of “good will” seeks to destroy anything that is good.


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