How to Change Your Karma

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Few people know the real meaning of karma or reincarnation because they tend to associate these terms with very abstract or esoteric conceptualizations, most of which are related related to unpractical applications or other things that they can’t really measure and see.

In this book, however, you'll get an explanation about what karma really is and how to use it to understand your life purpose. You’ll also understand how your life purpose is reflected back in your karma and manifested throughout different reincarnations, as all these things are related.

  1. The 3 Elements that Determine Karma
  2. The Relation Between Karma and Our Future
  3. The Analysis and Fulfillment of Our Life Purpose
  4. Failure and Transmutation of the Soul
  5. Fears and Social Exclusion
  6. Public Opinions and Personal Attitude
  7. The Influence of Karma in Our Life Purpose
  8. The Influence of Karma in Our Background
  9. The Value of Our Identity
  10. Links Between Lifetimes
  11. The Meaning of Having a Bad Karma
  12. How You Determine Your Future
  13. The Relation Between Positive and Negative Karma
  14. How We Change Our Karma
  15. Higher Responsibilities and Challenges

The 3 Elements that Determine Karma

 Karma is mainly related to 3 things:

  • Challenges;

  • Fears;

  • Barriers.

 These three elements are very important because either you believe in past lives and reincarnation, or you don’t, you can still see these three things manifesting continuously in your path. Actually, by analyzing reincarnation, we can see them in a measurable way.

 Consider, for example, these three time periods: past, present and future. We may even consider different past time periods and, to make it simple, I can consider them as being four different past lives. [...]


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