How to Choose a Wife

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So many men fall into the traps of smart but wicked women that more books like this should be written. Most only realize their mistake long after they are married, when it’s too late and only a divorce is possible, many times at the expense of losing spending time with the children that, meanwhile, were born inside these toxic marriages.

The best way to avoid a divorce is before a wedding occurs. As women fight for an opportunity to get married, men should fight for their right to choose the best in all senses of the word and not just a companion.

Most men are not aware of the importance of this and pay heavily for their mistakes. This book is aimed at those in the process of analyzing their relationship before taking the big step further.

It’s also dedicated to any man willing to understand women better, as the information provided here helps in getting a girlfriend much more than most books dedicated to dating. And the reason is that, by clearly presenting the mindset of most women, the book makes it easier to understand how they think. […]

  1. Women have more sex than men
  2. Single women over 30 have a problem
  3. Women want emotional power
  4. Bitter women hide big secrets
  5. Bitches will always be bitches
  6. Women never truly change
  7. The 3 months rule
  8. Sex or love but not both

Women have more sex than men

 When women kiss it always reminds me of prize fighters shaking hands” H.L. Mencken.

 I will start this chapter my quoting my hottest cousin: “I could have fucked every single man in this city if I wanted to, because they all tried to fuck me”.

Women have much more opportunities than men to have sex and your girlfriend has surely tasted much more dicks than you can imagine, no matter what she tells you or how she looks like. This possibility didn’t increase with modern times; it just became more evident.

 Have you ever wondered why the world of seduction seems easy in the eyes of a woman or why they don't feel the need to chase men? [...]


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