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Robin Sacredfire

How to Find Yourself

How to Find Yourself

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The topic of reincarnation is intriguing for many souls on planet earth because it unveils the many secrets to their true self, their habits, dreams, fears and aspirations, many of which can’t find any logic in present time. But are our past lives more important than our present life, or just a form of understanding our true self? And can we accept our true self when looking at things we’re not prepared to see?

Science and religion have been neglecting the topic of reincarnation for many centuries to protect humanity from its own fears; fears which comes filled with a sense of guilt, remorse, and jealousy, all of which triggered the greatest transformations in human history, independently on how we see them today.

Positive and negative emotions have no place on the investigation of reincarnation. What you think or wish it was true, neither.

In order to find yourself, you must know yourself fully. And that’s what this book proposes. It shows a journey into the depths of the human soul, while explaining why most of the world refuses to take the same path. And, in accepting such journey, this book proposes you a way to find your true self. Here, you will have the chance to understand reincarnation from a very practical and scientific approach. And so, it doesn’t really matter who believes in it or not. As soon as you start applying the knowledge shown here, you will see your whole personality and life changing for the better, as if you where being broken from the inside to later find yourself rebuilt into a better version of your true self.

Gaining a better understanding of our past lives is a way of becoming more true to our own identity, while unveiling our destiny, one which is meant to lead us to joy and fulfillment, and no less than that.

Through this book, the author will show you how to find the light being hidden beneath the layers that reincarnation creates for our mind with all the dogmas that many have created by misleading and misinterpreting this topic to the masses. The explanations and insights presented here are based on a personal experience with this topic.

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