How to Get Her Interested in You

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Love, the topic of thousands of novels for many centuries, as well as one of the most discussed subjects in our society today, is still being widely misunderstood.

As the number of single people in the world increases, scientists have tried to identify the causes that make anyone fall in love without any success. What they did found were tendencies that this book reorganized in order to lead into a specific path. We do know by now that love is basically a subjective experience depending foremost on personal assumptions. Nevertheless, if we combine what many experts have found, it's possible to reach a certain number of practical deductions. With this information in hands, we can dramatically increase our chances of finding the ideal partner. Considering such premise, the steps here presented describe a combination of scientifically proven facts that intend to show the easiest and quickest way to find a partner. The informational content clarifies the interaction of thoughts and behaviors between both genders, while describing the whole perspective of what seduction is, allowing a better control of the dating game. Dating is, above all, an experience of self-acknowledgment and it's based on this principle that this book proposes a self-analysis to our attitude towards finding it and overcoming personal barriers.

  1. 5 Seconds to Make Your First Impression
  2. How to Manifest Alpha Confidence
  3. How to Approach Anyone
  4. How to Destroy Your Competition
  5. How to Naturally Create Sex-Appeal
  6. How Social Status Affects Attractiveness
  7. How to Pick Girls from the Street
  8. How to Hook Someone You Met
  9. How to Talk to Women in a Way they Love
  10. How to Make Her Addicted to You
  11. Should You Have a Relationship?
  12. Should You Fall in Love?

    5 Seconds to Make Your First Impression

    The most important thing to mention about appearance would be your haircut. It’s definitely worth spending lots of money in a hairdresser, either you’re a woman or a man, because people tend to judge personality through what they see and the hairstyle tells a lot about who we truly are. A woman with tied hair, for example, transmits the idea of conservatism, while one with short hair, the idea that she doesn't like sex. Ironically, many hairdressers tend to cut woman's hair according to their social status, and this is related to their prejudice about how women should behave and appear to others. It's also the reason why some women, despite the information they tell a hairdresser about what they really want, never get the exact same style described. However, single or not, a woman should always look appealing, and for men this often means a long, smooth and straight hair, because we tend to find this style sexier.

    It’s always difficult to trust the opposite gender on opinions about hairstyle, but it’s surely the best option to take if we want to attract a partner from that gender. It's also worth checking websites related to male and female escorts, as it soon becomes evident how people, whose lifestyle and income depends on how many partners of the opposite sex they can attract, look like.

    Not less important than hairstyle is the dressing style. We should dress firstly according to what we feel, secondly according to what is comfortable, thirdly according to what empowers our mood and, finally, according to the profile we wish to attract - sexual, sophisticated, sporty, discreet, casual, etc. Basically speaking, everyone should make efforts in hiding their worse while promoting their best.

    I'm often confronted with people that answer this statement by saying that they should just be themselves, and for what regards this lie that has been brainwashing men with thousands of movies, I can only mention that there's a very reasonable explanation to why people have doors in public restrooms but eat in front of everyone, or to why farting isn't acceptable in public places but doesn't make much difference in the privacy of a bathroom. I hope these examples are enough for you to understand that, as social beings, humans have been evolving in the way they behave and the rules that apply to it. These rules have developed to promote a better interaction between everyone and what we appear to others should always promote their willingness to interact with us. Being sexual is definitely significant if we want to attract love or sex and not just a friendship, but having good manners, being polite, friendly and entertaining is as important as anything else. (...)


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