How to Get Out of the Friend Zone

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For most men the friend zone is a very complicated subject. First of all we need to clarify it, what it really means.

Second, we need to understand if we can get out there and why we’re there in the first place. And third, and most importantly, we need to know how you change our situation. But can that be possible when a girl is getting the attention of many guys and we’re below average? This is what I will answer you with this book.

  1. What is the Friend Zone
  2. How To Get Out of the Friend Zone
  3. Why Women Friend Zone You
  4. How Feminism Destroyed Attraction
  5. How Feminism Made Women Abusive
  6. How Do You Select The Right Woman
  7. How Do You Make Her Want Sex With You

What is the Friend Zone

 The friend zone in itself doesn’t really exist. You’re either the friend of a girl, a potential lover, both, her boyfriend or none. If you’re stuck in the friend zone is purely all your fault. Wouldn’t you want to have female friends? Do you have them already? Aren’t they friend zoned by you? Well, you may not like to see it that way, but a girl that is interested in you, has been friend zoned if getting no attention and no sexual response from you.

 Now, women do this to men all the time, especially if they’re hot. It’s normal for them. But they complain if you put them there. And interestingly, the prettier a woman is, the angrier she will be for being friend zoned, as she is used to have the attention of other guys and controlling them, not the opposite. The inverted situation makes her feel vulnerable and insecure, two of the worse feelings for women.

 Seriously, do that to a hot woman on purpose and she will be more furious than any man. […]


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