How to Improve Yourself

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A big part of the population on earth has access to books, either in physical or virtual form, but will never be told the steps to know themselves.

As a matter of fact, many people in the western world seek exactly this. But how can we truly know ourselves when everything, from our education to our friends and coworkers lead us to believe that the world put before our eyes is the one we need to live in?

It is taking this question into account that this book will guide you towards finding the answer for yourself.

Here, you will see how education, intelligence and common life issues, can be easily combined towards helping you improve your mind, increase your awareness and elevate your spirit.

It is presented as a designed path with the purpose of helping you reevaluate your life goals and priorities, in order to responsibility choose a new restart for yourself, a brighter opportunity to experience life and live better. 

  1. The Paradigms of The Most Successful Individuals
  2. How Intelligence Becomes a Personal Responsibility
  3. How We Evolve as Human Beings
  4. The Importance of Action and Movement in Life
  5. How We Reorganize Our Mental Paradigms
  6. The Personal Meaning in Life Experience
  7. The Quantification of Our Emotions
  8. How We Discern Our Emotions
  9. Why You Should Ignore Luck
  10. Money or Happiness?
  11. The Power of a Spiritual Experience
  12. One Step Further in Spiritual Awareness
  13. How to Set Life Goals

The Paradigms of The Most Successful Individuals

 Most of our beliefs and attitudes are shaped in school. It’s here that we learn punctuality, respect for authority, responsibility regarding assignments and the importance of being rewarded. And yet, there is, however, an inner quality that is common to many successful cases inside the school system, and that tends to transpose the best scientific explanations. This quality is denominated ethics - it’s the clear conscience of what one wishes, and despite what society may want. I.e., a student that centers his attention in a personal organization and an open strategy to improve himself permanently towards maximum efficiency has a better insight on how to overcome his problems. This attitude towards the school system also makes him much more able to reach success later in life. [...]


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