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Robin Sacredfire

Luciferian Sexuality

Luciferian Sexuality

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Lucifer stands on the threshold of dawn and dusk. He is the bringer of light, symbol of Thelemic strength and divine wisdom, the one who awakens the world from its sleep. The age of Lucifer comes therefore as the uprising of what Blatavatsky termed the cosmic force of illumination and light.

Lucifer is the force of Air, while Satan, the corrupted form of the light-bringer, comes from active fire. And this duality is the changeable essence of progression and evolution; for one pulls us towards illumination through wisdom, while the other forces us upwards through the experience of the flesh, i.e., our misfortunes, difficulties, challenges and pains. And yet, while one represents suffering, it is foremost a representation of the denial of the second, which represents awareness.

Lucifer was know by the Roman Empire as the "bringer of light", Lucem Fero, the carrier of the torch. And so, although he was known as a gnostic god, not much is known about him, except that he was perfect since the day he was created, as mentioned in the book of Ezekiel (In the Holy Bible).

Today, Lucifer, is perceived as, or confused with, Satan, which became the name given to represent materialization and pleasures for the material expressions of life. It is also a representation of what it means to oppose, to accuse, and to disagree. Lucifer was invariably the first rebel and is now a symbol of rivalry and rebellion in the world. But if to rebel against the perversity found on the values worshiped on Earth is to be evil, then evil must certainly contain some good in it.

Along this understanding of a necessity for a new state of awareness, sexuality presents itself as a means or form of spiritual expression to reach enlightenment. And the only way to understand it at the light of the Luciferian paradigm, is to see it as a form of rebellious but, nonetheless, sacred perspective.

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