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The control over our mind is still an enigma for the vast majority of the people, because it’s related to the knowledge about what the mind really is, which, so far, is still attached to preconceived ideas from the field of psychology and psychiatry, ideas that reject the belief of a spirit or conscience as detached from the brain.

And it’s for this reason that here is presented a clear map towards the human mind, namely, by separating the conscience from the brain, and teaching how to discern both, so that one can be able, not only to control his thoughts, but also become more efficient in life, while developing the capacity to boost his vitality, clean his aura and attract a much more rich and abundant lifestyle.

For the followers of the theory of the Law of Attraction, it’s certainly a book that offers a missing piece, in regarding to how to attract our dreams faster and more precisely, while changing our identity with a clear intention and purpose.

  1. Reconnecting to Our Instincts
  2. The Sacred Geometry of Life
  3. How We Form Our Personal Energy
  4. The Immortal Soul
  5. The Potential of Our Brain
  6. The Patterns of Truth
  7. When Our Doubts Recreate Our Destiny
  8. How We Change Our Possibilities

Reconnecting to Our Instincts

 Everything flows from instinct to thought. When the flow stops, when the first element can’t be controlled, when one stops manifesting conscious awareness, thought assumes a major role in the person’s life. And yet, thought without instinct is deprived from spiritual reason. And that’s why instinct is so important. Instinct connects us to the eternal flow of energy that accompanies us through many different time periods and reincarnations, in which our self becomes greater than it was. It is in the instinct that we find the foundations for our new self. It is here that we find our potentialities, our best attributes and the way that can lead us to success. [...]


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