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Robin Sacredfire

Modern Alchemy

Modern Alchemy

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Alchemy has been an obscure topic for many centuries, even among scholars and researchers of the topic, but remains as the foundation of the most important theories on life, and still used by ancient medicine practitioners, followers of masonic studies and also by those who wish to acquire more wealth.

On the other hand, the use of alchemy by the most secretive groups doesn’t erase the fact that it can be learned and understood by anyone else. As a matter of fact, such is the opportunity provided here.

In the following pages, the reader will receive an insight into a complete comprehension on how can alchemy be used to create a business, maintain a business, improve a company and also prosper in many other areas of life, either personal, emotional, financial or social.

One can, indeed, become more popular, wealthier and happier, by applying these principles and this book shows how this can be done and exactly with what kind of mindset and perspective. In this sense, the knowledge presented here promotes a modern understanding about how to apply alchemy to improve one’s lifestyle and mindset.

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