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Love is still a mystery for most people, and a large amount of souls on this planet struggle to find it and keep it, or at least know what it is and how to identify it, without facing heartbreak, while suffering as least as possible when such happens.

In this book, you have the chance of obtaining the skills that will allow you to look at your past and present relationships, in order to see when did you have love and when you were being deceived by your emotions and needs. The several chapters presented here are organized in order to provide you with the main values and aspects that allow love to grow between two individuals. And although not many people would agree with some of statements and affirmations presented, they are seen and found in all healthy relationships, reason why their application is a guarantee to more success in the way we deal with the people we love.

  1. The Differences that Unite Us
  2. How the Ego Interferes with the Conscience of Love
  3. How is Selfishness Related to Evil
  4. How to End What Has No Beginning
  5. The Sacred Triangle of Love
  6. How to Build Trust in a Relationship
  7. Why So Many People Can’t Love
  8. What Love Is Not
  9. The Differences Between Immature and Mature Love
  10. How to Change Your Love Story
  11. The Difference Between Attraction and Love
  12. How to Forgive Yourself to Love Again
  13. How to Truly Love Someone And Let Go

The Differences that Unite Us

A woman finds love by acknowledging, not her own value, but what others seek the most. And only then she can prove it within her. Women are, by nature, sensitive creatures, created to adjust to the energy that comes their way. And despite the latest social changes in how women are perceived, namely, when compared to men, they are not equal to men and never will they be, and neither they should or need be. Whenever a woman measures her worth by comparing herself to a man, she loses touch of the qualities that enhance her value as a woman, for society, for motherhood and for relationships.

It is an undeniable fact that women breed men, are the main pedagogues of most men, and on top of this, select the males with whom they wish to procreate. Therefore, women are, to a great extent, the energy from which humanity, as we see it, emerges. And to ignore this fact, or to dissociate women form the responsibility of dealing with men they raised, is to indirectly cause the problems they most suffer with.

I.e., the feminine energy of the world is behind the masculine energy that leads it. An unbalance on either side, finds its balance in its counterpart.

Several researches from around the world have shown us that emotions affect our perceptions of reality. And so, it is unquestionable that our views of the other gender, affect how we perceive society, love and relationships, and as a consequence, ourselves too. It is very difficult for a proud person to admit her faults or conceive responsibility over her outcomes, especially if she has been indoctrinated or permitted to blame another for such results.

The social tension that exists today in what regards genders may be the reason why fornication became so prominent, for it is the only known door to counterbalance what has been disrupted by the wrong social values. On the other hand, it is true that, without sex, the differences can’t be easily matched. And yet, it is a grave mistake to think that what society needs the most to be more peaceful is more sex. What the world truly needs is more love, more commitment, more lasting marriages and happy families. Sex is a blessing and a gift, not to be wasted when there is no love but only lust and disdain for the one we have sex with. For many couples, this ritual is the best thing they have to come together with the absence of an ego, and to reaffirm their commitment for one another. Most people even say that the best sex comes after a quarrel. But I would say that the best way to avoid quarrels is actually to have sex when envisioning one on the way.


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