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Rowan Knight



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The eternal quest for love can lead to happiness and pain at the same time. It seems like all the joys of life come with a price when we open our heart. But there isn’t any challenge that is too big when our soul isn’t too small, and it’s in love that we truly test our limitations. In our aspiration to experience love, we fight, demand, persist, but also dream, feel both the good and the bad within us and others, and ultimately change our nature. The eternal quest for love is as old as the one to find ourselves, because it’s in love that we can find the greatest insights to whom we are and why we are as we are.

Also in this story, these letters describe emotions, perspectives, insights and an analysis of the situations. They also promote a better understanding regarding the dynamic involved in difficult relationships, as they present dates and events organized as occurred in real life.

Another topic that is subjacent to this romance is spiritual possession, and the real dilemma that a woman experiences between loving a Christian and keeping her pact with the devil and all the benefits that come from it, and that she would lose by loving such man. The woman portrayed in this story is a nymphomaniac that sold her soul to the devil in order to maintain her life of lust, power over men and perpetual pleasure, and the purpose of these letters was to save her and save a very unique relationship.

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