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Dan Desmarques



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There is life on other planets but there is also a gap between truth and what most people are willing to accept.

This gap is often filled with plenty of new-age misinterpretations, religious superstition, and the ideology of delusional spiritual leaders that want to prey on the weaknesses of the masses. And, because of that, there is a need for answers and a need for clearer perceptions on this topic.

The answers come from an explanation that is interrelated with other subjects, namely, the purpose of the Starseeds on the planet, the intentions of the extraterrestrials, and the differentiation that we can make between these two groups and our religious beliefs. Only then can we begin to comprehend how our life must be corrected in order to contribute to the future of humanity.

We don’t need science to tell us what is true because we can see it from both multidimensional and pragmatic perspectives. As a matter of fact, that’s how humanity has survived so far and is not doing a better job now because science offers more information.

Human beings observe only what they choose to observe, and many times, motivated by greed or fear, manipulate the information they obtain, or that they want others to see. Therefore, we need discernment and a proper analysis of what we obtain, which is not possible unless someone has done good research for us and which favors our consciousness. This consciousness will then align itself with the scientific findings, and simultaneously offer us a more complete view of our potential as human beings.

Along this line, the topic of the “Starseeds” shows itself as highly controversial due to the many new-age interpretations, but we should look at it with scientific curiosity, while not disregarding the many questions that require a pragmatic answer.

The struggle against religious dogma is just the first stage in this awakening because the world of today doesn’t really offer answers but dualities, keeping its inhabitants enslaved in the same doubts and cycles as before.

In order to release humanity from such mental paradigms, many things must be said, even if one risks sounding absurd when mentioning them.

The world needs a more direct approach, even if it causes conflicts because it is better to confront something that can be seen than not knowing what is consuming our spirit with constant deception.

The unexpected found in information presented here will certainly be beneficial to whoever receives it.

It is time for a mass awakening that starts in the responsibility accepted by each and everyone on Earth.

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