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Telepathy is a reality and exists in the relation between all living things, from the eggs we buy in the supermarket to the plants of our house, and obviously including humans and animals in general, which, due to an absence of cultural and linguistic programming, are much more sensitive than human beings to such experiences, which many of us generally do not even notice.

For although it is true that a dog can be trained to go get a certain object when he learns to recognize the sound of the word that identifies it, in the vast majority of the cases, the dog identifies the image that we mentally project when verbalizing the word. [...]

  1. The Sociological Importance of Telepathy
  2. Telepathy in the Formation of Emotions
  3. Telepathy in the Formation of a Personality
  4. The Defense Against Psychic Attacks
  5. Telepathic Manipulation
  6. The Bridge Between Psychology and Parapsychology
  7. The Relation Between Telepathy and Space-Time
  8. Telepathy in the Relation Between Mind and Spirit
  9. The Implications of Telepathy on Evolution

The Sociological Importance of Telepathy

 Inevitably, the feelings of others mingle with ours to produce a new result, which surely will have little of our unique identity. And as a child, I felt this, although I couldn’t explain how it happened, because no one around me believed in this phenomenon, and certainly thought I was suffering from schizophrenia.

  This phenomenon remains unknown to the vast majority of people. The word telepathy was only first suggested in 1882 by psychic investigator F.W.H. Myers, although the idea of passing on thoughts is not new. There are numerous writers who have attempted to explain the apparitions at the time of a person's death, as well as the clairvoyance and phenomena of spiritualism, by the theory of brain waves. Aristotle also admitted that "the human spirit has such a force that it is capable of creating extraordinary psychic faculties". [...]


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