The Art of Intentional Writing

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Many people have come to me with the question: How can I write a self-help book like you do?

I wrote hundreds and my creativity never ceases. But that’s actually not what matters in this story. What truly matters is the reason why people keep buying and enjoying everything I have produced and still ask for more. And so, I decided to shine light on the reasons, by writing a book to those that wish to follow my footsteps. This manual and self-biographic explanation, gives a glimpse into my perspectives and lifestyle, while helping you, as a reader, fulfill your dream of accomplish success as a self-help author.

In this book, you will learn the steps and strategies on how to become a successful author.

  1. How to Identify and Unveil the Illusions Within You
  2. Differentiating Experience and Enlightenment
  3. The Challenge within the Purpose of Becoming Famous
  4. Why Some Books Sell While Others Are Forgotten
  5. The Cost of Being Different
  6. Book Publishing Secrets
  7. Common Illusions Among Writers
  8. Should You Publish Paperbooks?
  9. How You Can Make More Money By Reading Books
  10. Why I Work 16 Hours a Day
  11. Why I Believe that Writer's Block is Fake
  12. Don’t Quit! Never Think about Quitting!

How to Identify and Unveil the Illusions Within You

Do you know how to identify a writer? Do you really know how a writer looks like? Do you think anyone knows that?

Most people have so many expectations and stereotypes, that they completely miss out on the chances of meeting a great writer in their life. Here are some great examples of weird jobs that some writers had before becoming famous:

Chuck Palahniuk - Dishwasher;

Ken Kesey - Janitor in a mental hospital;

Stephen King - Janitor in a high school;

Jack London - Oyster pirate;

Charles Dickens - Shoe factory worker.

Now that my persona is known all over the world, everyone wants to spend time with me, ask me questions about my lifestyle and values and understand how to get the same I did. But it wasn’t like this before. Along my journey, I was completely alone, and I still, in a way, am. Whenever I am not understood, that loneliness comes to the surface, whenever people stare at me typing super fast without looking at my laptop keyboard, again, I am reminded that I am as alone now as I was before. […]


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