The Gold of the Templars

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The Knights Templar have never been interested in wealth as the majority of us perceives it, but the control of resources and laws, territories and kings, the unlimited supply of wealth, or the supreme control over the flow of wealth.

For this reason, they never truly vanished, but instead transferred their knowledge about alchemy to other investments, within which the explorations of Portugal, Spain and England found their best expression.

Although many still believe that alchemy is related to the transformation of metals into gold, this idea was merely created to hide the real studies that were being conducted, related to power, spirituality and spirit. Studies which allow us a more profound experience related to the meaning of life. [...]

  1. The Fabrication of Gold
  2. The Tools of the Alchemist
  3. The Realm of Conscience
  4. The Cross of the Templars
  5. The Acceptance of the Dark Side
  6. The Value of Altruism in Magic
  7. The Power of Habit in Spirituality
  8. Another Way to Pray
  9. The Power of Silence

The Fabrication of Gold

 The fabrication of gold is based on a triangular conscience or triple perspective about the spirit:

  • The conscience of self or greed;

  • The conscience of the soul or mercy;

  • The conscience of the spirit or creation.

 Greed leads to motivation towards a certain goal, which can’t be reached without mercy, i.e., the alchemical transmutation of the soul, leading then to creation or manifestation, in which the I is immersed within the construct of the outer self, the material world.

 In other words, the self must vanish into the dream for it to manifest. The personality must shift and let the previous self die in order to manifest a new self, since the new self is inseparable from the new reality. [...]


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