The Law of Karma

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The theme of reincarnation, the result of several controversies associated with the meaning of life, has its origin in different religious perspectives. And interestingly, many of these perspectives differ in historical and interpretative terms.

Although the current Christianity, for example, defends, as a whole, the lack of reincarnation in an earthly plan, accepts the idea in terms of reincarnation in another astral plane, called paradise.

After all, whatever the accepted perspective, none really denies reincarnation, but only transforms the way it is interpreted. To understand what it really means we have to observe the association of the purpose of life with the meaning of reincarnating. [...]

  1. The awakening of consciousness
  2. The function of reincarnation
  3. The balance between reincarnations
  4. The karmic cycle
  5. The spiritual self-conscience
  6. How to interpret evilness
  7. The dynamics of karma
  8. The reformulation of existence
  9. The way to end suffering
  10. The inherent limitations of karma
  11. The karmic benefits
  12. Multiple and parallel realities
  13. The fulfillment of our dreams
  14. The game of life
  15. The karmic cleansing
  16. The karmic thoughts
  17. Responses to karma
  18. The role of wisdom

The awakening of consciousness

 Many people recovering from coma either finds himself in contexts in which they’re facing the end of life, undergo a reflection, during which generally change their way of being in life and living.

 These people know they can’t undo what has been done, and also know that what has been done cannot be changed in a day. So, they strive to improve every day, simply paying attention to every decision, and correcting everything at their fingertips.

 This is about a second chance where, often in a very short period of time, they seek to undo and rebuild negative encodings of a lifetime, and which gave rise to a standardized hell for all who took part in it, including the subject himself. [...]


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