The Law of the Pentagram (ebook)

The Law of the Pentagram (ebook)


This book offers an explanation to all the dynamics of life, allowing anyone the possibility to analyze the past but also predict any future outcome in any give situation and for any known person.

Title The Law of the Pentagram (ebook)
Type ebook

This book offers an explanation to all the dynamics of life, allowing anyone the possibility to analyze the past but also predict any future outcome in any give situation and for any known person.

Life always follows the same alchemical rules, which are explained by symbols and structures within the logic of our own planet.

When we understand them and how they apply in the manifestations of the reality we experience, we can actually gain a higher conscience of self and more responsibility over our actions. And this is the attitude that will then allow much more success, as well as the courage to deal with failure more peacefully.

The opposites of good and evil, past and future, heart and mind, good and bad, success and failure, are continually in interaction, despite our personal will and efforts, and it’s for this reason that illusions trap us inside the deceptive idea that the material world and what we have represent things that remain permanent in time. [...]

  1. Numerology and Alchemy
  2. Meanings behind Alchemy
  3. Responsibility and Alchemy
  4. The Emotional Triangle in Alchemy
  5. The Alchemical Importance of Love
  6. The 4th Alchemical Element
  7. The 5th Alchemical Element
  8. Alchemy in Love and Relationships
  9. The Spiritual Importance of Love
  10. The 6th Alchemical Element
  11. The Relation between the 3rd and 6th Elements
  12. The Alchemical Laws of Wealth and Love
  13. The Challenge of the 6th Element
  14. The Relation Between the 5th and 6th Elements
  15. The Alchemical Explanation for Breakups
  16. Symbolism, Futurology and Divination
  17. The Relation Between the 4th and 5th Elements
  18. The Illusion of Choice
  19. The Two Triangles in a Square
  20. The 4 Triangles in a Square
  21. Alchemical Conceptualizations and Divination
  22. How We Solve Karma
  23. The Purpose of a Karmic Debt
  24. The Karmic Cycles
  25. The Relative Importance of the Past
  26. The Law of the Pentagram
  27. The Equilibrium in the Pentagram
  28. The Devine Law

Numerology and Alchemy

 Life on Earth, as the creation of our universe, follows specific rules, from which we learn, by repetition, and also by cyclic movements, repeatedly manifesting what we wish, often in a timeline of 5 years, even though we tend to neglect and forget our responsibly over the things that happen to us and around us.

 Inside this system, the first manifestation occurs within, with the number one. One is the beginning, the conscience, the power of will, the need and the desire, all elements that either lead to construction or destruction.

 When you are wishing for a construction, you are desiring the destruction of what you have, and when you wish for destruction, you’re deliberately neglecting your power to build something. [...]

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