The Light in You (ebook)

The Light in You (ebook)


Very few individuals can claim to know the world as it really is and possess the necessary tools that can help in the path to enlightenment.

Title The Light in You (ebook)
Author Robin Sacredfire
Type ebook

Very few individuals can claim to know the world as it really is and possess the necessary tools that can help in the path to enlightenment.

I have studied many religious philosophies, from the most common to the most secretive, have achieved success with many forms of art, and have taught college students how to conduct researches. And this is what allows me seeing the world from a much more complete perspective.

While not saying it claiming to be better than other people, it demonstrates that indeed the world seems very different when you’re looking at it from a higher plane.

You can’t say that the eagle is better than the aunt as much as you can’t say that they share the same perspective about reality.

One observes the world from beneath, with its intense illusions and common habits, while the other sees it from above, in all its dynamics and splendor.

This said, I can’t claim to know everything, or accept the definition of genius or enlightened person, that some have tried to stamp on me, but I can surely portray a clear vision that very few have. […]

  1. The Basic Awareness
  2. The Blind Soul
  3. The Mechanics of Success
  4. The Human Deception
  5. Mastering Success
  6. The Ideal Student
  7. The Acquisition of Mastery
  8. How to analyze information
  9. The Mechanics of Education
  10. The Ultimate State of Being
  11. Shame and Self-worth
  12. Abnormal Outcomes
  13. How the World Reflects Us
  14. Recommended Movies

The Basic Awareness
  Nothing in life is 100% certain. We can only work with probabilities, either regarding what we expect to obtain from our personal interactions, or even scientific researches.
  The same thing applies to fortunetelling, either it is iChing, Numerology, Astrology, Cartomancy, Graphology, or any other technique.
  The reason why we can’t ever be certain of the outcomes is related to the fact that there are always a vast amount of possible combinations in place, in which different elements interact to produce a certain result, and from which our potential for control tends to be quite restricted.
  One of my first experiences in dealing with this fact was related to children suffering from learning disabilities that I was trying to help. I couldn’t change the evidence that their mother was often crazy or that they sometimes had some kind of family trauma. The complexities beneath the layers of conscience are such that we’re often powerless in whatever we may try to do and despite any amount of experience. [...]

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