The Master

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Thinking is both a science and an art. Without the right tools, methods and the proper understanding of the mechanics behind the process of thinking, one cannot allow his spirit to evolve and find truth. And that’s why we veil the truth from ourselves with the wrong mental patterns, not realizing that we’re not as ignorant as we are mentally imprisoned.

In this book you will get the exact techniques for developing your intelligence, learn from life experience and expand your awareness, while becoming more wise. And with such ability developed, you will then be able to simultaneously help yourself and others.

Therefore, this is a practical manual about life, one that you can effectively and immediately apply to see results, and not just a self-help book.

This is the manual of instructions to life that you’ve been looking for but nobody was ever able to offer you. It is a manual about how to live under your own rules and with a clear purpose, a book that will help you in shaping the future you want and in becoming a master of your own destiny with confidence and a strong willpower. 

Learn more in "The Master".

  1. The Difference Between Path and Purpose
  2. The Power of Belief in Shaping Wisdom
  3. How to Learn from Our Mistakes and Face the Truth
  4. The Lessons We Choose to Learn
  5. The Mechanics Behind Spiritual Willpower
  6. The Battle between Our Inner World and Personality
  7. The Quest for Eternal Truths

The Difference Between Path and Purpose

 Once you have enough experience in dealing with people’s private thoughts, you will find it interesting to realize that adults are actually much more susceptible to magic than children. And this, because children fundamentally observe but adults are determined by their own mental patterns, which leads them to thoughts that are usually predefined by their previous experiences and how they emotionally interpret them. In this sense, whatever contradicts the pre-established conceptualization of reality is questioned under the same patterns. And what this means is that a child can observe the end goal of an activity, either it is his own fun and entertainment or an end result, such as getting a chocolate or another reward, but the adult, on the other hand, is led to neglect the reward due to being mesmerized by the activity itself. [...]


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