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The Monarchic Legacy

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This book explains the main difference between a royal way of thinking and others. This way of thinking is what makes the ones being born in monarchic families extremely rich and powerful.

The knowledge here exposed shows how the royal members use an illusion to transform reality and become how they want to be seen, but also why their gods and your god might not be the same.

Therefore, it’s a chance to realize that why you’ve been manipulated into believing in certain religious dogmas that trap you in poverty and steal the possibility of reaching your dreams.

On top of that, this book will teach you that being a noble is not about titles but a mindset that you can develop within yourself, in order to achieve everything that these families have always had. The real noble is a man of truth and strong beliefs and this book promotes them.

Learn more in The Monarchic Legacy.

  1. How to become what we want
  2. The differences in our gods
  3. Rediscovering truth
  4. The massive deception

How to become what we want

 Have you ever wondered why the rich class is so obsessed with behavior? When they tell their children “mind your manners” they’re saying indirectly “be careful with what you do, even though you can be who you are”. This means that, if you become what you want, but monitor your behavior at the same time, you can obtain the know-how that allows accomplishments or, in other terms, social acceptance. When they say: “behave yourself”, they’re basically saying: “be to have what is yours”. The two terms can be applied naturally and in different situations, being this second the most important, as it describes a very clear path to social and monetary accomplishments. [...]


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