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The Paradigm of Abundance

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Have you ever wondered why the rich are always rich and the poor struggle all their life to make some money? Know that the real reason for that is not related to a job or how much you work, but an implant within your mind that makes you think and do things in a certain way and against your will most of the times.

This book intends to explain this paradigm and the main differences between the highest and lowest social classes, while introducing the concepts that make them be different.

Reading this book will help you understand why you think the way you do and how to change it, but also how to activate a magnetic mindset that will help you attract all the power and money you have ever wished for.

This book will reveal secrets that you will die without if not reading it, because they are among some of the biggest well-hidden secrets in mankind for millions of years.

It is because of them that some families are rich for hundreds of years and dozens of generations. […]

Learn more in The Paradigm of Abundance.

  1. The reproduction of social classes
  2. The power of a social identity
  3. The power of a belief
  4. The magnetic mindset
  5. The subconscious power
  6. The activation of the power within

The reproduction of social classes

Isn’t interesting to notice how often we listen to the word “Behave” in our daily life since we are kids and how often we apply it to others?

It’s also interesting to notice a slight difference between the higher and lower social classes, as the lower classes often say “Do as I tell you!” instead of “Behave!”, often used by the middle class, while the higher class would prefer to use...

“Behave yourself!”

Or, “Mind your manners!”

The term “Behave” is a code that implies, “be in order to have” or “Be-have”.

In other words, if you cannot be, you can’t have.

The same code has been used to teach some while manipulating others.” [...]


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