The Purest Gold

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There is still great wisdom to be studied from ancient spiritual texts. They show us paths to our virtues, and to our ability to discern them in others.

These ancient texts also show us clear paths to God, to understand Him, and to know how can we manifest His will in our life.

It is here, in this fulfillment, that we accomplish the ultimate goal as being the ability to live a prosperous and abundant life at all levels - spiritual, emotional, social, intellectual and financial.

This book intends to show how, by making references to these ancient Hindu texts, and by explaining step-by-step, and in detail, how all these things can be obtained in our life.

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  1. Necessary Steps in Meditation
  2. The Challenges in Unveiling the Truth
  3. How to Classify Good and Evil
  4. How the Superior Conscience Expands
  5. Overcoming the Conscience of Self
  6. How to Meditate for Better Results
  7. The Relation Between Subject and Object
  8. How We Change & Are Changed By Reality
  9. Virtuous Signs of the Enlightened
  10. Necessary Qualities for Spiritual Abundance
  11. The Virtues of Desire and Wisdom
  12. How to Surrender to God

Necessary Steps in Meditation

 The first step in yoga is to engage in introspection, and thereby understand the inner obstacles that must be overcome. These obstacles include emotional imbalance, mental laziness, doubt, lack of enthusiasm, lethargy, attachment to pleasures of the senses, delusion, difficulty in sustaining concentration, and susceptibility to distractions” (Patanjali 1). Emotional imbalance consists on a rollercoaster of ups and downs in life, often caused by worries and lack of control over our life. Mental laziness is associated with lack of determinism or purpose. Doubt can be associated to lack of knowledge. Lack of enthusiasm and lethargy often emerges from a lack of love for life and ourselves. While the attachment to the senses, causes difficulties if finding love outside ourselves. [...]


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