The Science of Miracles

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For the vast majority of population life remains a mystery, and so does their mind. In fact, most scientists still do not know how the mind truly works.

All they know is how it manifests in our actions, how we make decisions and why we make them.

Deep down, nobody knows where our emotions emerge from, how can we even change them and how we can shift the paradigm of reality in our favor by merely studying its patterns.

This journey into the depths of our mind, into the real self, is what this book promises. It comes as an opportunity to restart life from where we have stopped it, to regain our power over fate, and to shape our future as we wish to have it.

The science of miracles, is based on a whole explanation about how the subconscious mind and conscious mind operate and coordinate beliefs between one another, and what is known by the most advanced experts on the topic of the law of attraction. It is a book promising one of the most overwhelming experiences about yourself you’ll ever have.

Learn more about The Science of Miracles in this book.

  1. The Mysteries of the Subconscious Mind
  2. The Universal Power of Honesty
  3. The Deception of Individuality
  4. The Spiritual Nature of Money & Love
  5. How to Unblock Negative Energies
  6. How to Pray for Miracles
  7. How to Use the Subconscious Mind to Create Miracles
  8. How to Shift Our Emotions Towards More Success
  9. How to Become Worth of Owning Abundance
  10. How the Power of Intention Interferes with Our Self-Esteem
  11. How to Overcome Your Illusions about Money
  12. The World’s Best Currency

The Mysteries of the Subconscious Mind

 The subconscious mind must agree with the conscious mind, in order for the manifestation of your desires to occur. Whenever the two are not in harmony, namely, in what concerns your beliefs, emotions and needs, a manifestation will likely come slower or be inexistent after a while.

 The law of energy works on consistent efforts, which are hard to keep if our attention keeps being dragged to other fields of life. That’s how people get distracted to the point of neglecting their most fundamental dreams. Furthermore, one shouldn’t believe that he needs a better job, when in fact he should put his business idea into motion. One can’t think that he needs a relationship, while in fact what he needs is appreciation, and which may not come with the new relationship unless recognized. And finally, we sometimes think that we need money, while in truth what we need is an activity or job that can satisfy us in a daily basis. Wealth without happiness and intentional dedication can hardly be maintained. Now, the most difficult thing here consists in making our subconscious accept the conscious decisions we make. […]


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