The Secret Agreement

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If one day, the final judgement, the great Apocalypse, came to Earth, what attitude would governments and citizens have? What if it appeared in the form of alien beings? What if they were to introduce angels?

These are questions that Jason, a pilot at the service of the Russians, will seek to answer, after being kidnapped by a UFO and seeing that his daughter becomes an object of great interest on the part of these beings.

What answers will his daughter have for this situation? What's her relation with all this? And what will the aliens want? Why is it that in this little child lays the future and the decision about billions of human beings?

In this adventure, Jason will seek all the answers, while conscientious of having in his hands the power to save the planet.

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 Chapter 1-17


Chapter 1

 The Earth, planet full of culture and habits, quickly became a place where the most traditional ideas seemed to have been lost, with the advent of the Internet and the many media. The media, with their messages hiding a manipulation of the masses, with the support of Governments and large enterprises, in much contributed to this. Nevertheless, apparently, the calm reigned on this planet, which among its inhabitants was thought to be isolated. It is true that the traditions of Earth have always contemplated the possibility of the day of the final judgement arriving. But no one ever imagined it would really occur. It was all a conspiracy, a religious silliness, for many people. And yet, the unexpected succeeded. On January 2, 2023, huge spaceships approached planet Earth. People looked alarmed at the sky, not knowing what to think, and no one could understand exactly what it was. They were enormous and dark objects, almost silent as they approached. [...]


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