The Secret Key

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You probably think that there’s only one way to find enlightenment and it implies following a religion, a guru or a cult. Maybe you think that money and spirituality are different things that can’t be complemented or work well together. And maybe you think that you can’t get rich and become spiritual at the same time, or that enlightenment is not for anyone, not an easy path at least.

This book is here to demystify all that by showing you the shortcuts to wealth and abundance, to a fulfilling lifestyle with more money and more spirituality, but also the vast amount of secrets that are being hidden from you with social and religious beliefs, now, so commonly spread around the world, that their similarity makes the deception portrayed much more difficult to identity. [...]

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  1. The Shortcut to Heaven
  2. The Dilemma of the Altruistic Mind
  3. The Bridge Between Spirituality and Wealth
  4. Miracles of the Conscience
  5. The Secret Exit
  6. Secret Shortcuts to God
  7. The Naked Spirit
  8. Complementary Energies
  9. The Gifts that Life Offers
  10. Cleaning Karma
  11. Finding Important Karmic Lessons
  12. The Material World
  13. The Purpose of Enlightenment

The Shortcut to Heaven

 It is obvious that heaven on earth is better represented by the billionaire lifestyle. It means not necessarily having a bathtub full of dollars but the possibility of traveling anywhere, buying anything you want and having time to do whatever you want with it. And having money doesn’t necessarily equals happiness, but it does contribute a lot to the possibility of achieving it. Heaven on earth is indeed a path to power and freedom.

 This said, it becomes obvious that the path to reach it must follow similar rules in which the ultimate and most powerful one finds God’s favor. You can only obtain money with altruism and a multitude of positive flows of thoughts, actions and emotions converging altogether in such direction. [...]


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