The Serpents of Life and Death

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The bridge between spirituality and money is happiness. But happiness isn’t obtained without peace and peace is unreachable without balance.

The purpose of our existence in a material world as well as the reason for thousands of reincarnations on earth is found within such paradigm.

In the materialistic perspective about reality we notice a force confronting the need for equalization of complements in the path for spiritual development.

Therefore, in its most metaphysical meaning, we can perceive the concept of balance as referring to the interaction between fire and water, earth and air, yin and yang, strength and weakness, action and inaction, man and woman, conscious and unconscious, and so on.

In its pragmatic form, such duality is seen in the divergence between spirituality and money, as these two elements can be acknowledged as the lowest and highest forms of being – mind and matter, but also body and soul. [...]

  1. The White and Dark Serpents
  2. The Serpent Power in our World
  3. Life and Death
  4. The Power of the Dark Serpent
  5. The Realm of the Dark Serpent
  6. Manifestations of the Dark Serpent
  7. Embracing the Dark Serpent
  8. The Protection of the White Serpent
  9. The White Serpent Meditation
  10. The Challenges of the White Serpent
  11. The Marriage of the Kundalini Serpents
  12. The Ego
  13. The Living Dead
  14. The Root of Misery
  15. Karmic Meanings
  16. The Value of Synchronicity
  17. The Paradigm of Reflection
  18. The Spiritual Awakening
  19. Money and Spirituality as One
  20. Spirituality in Wealth
  21. Activating the Kundalini for Wealth
  22. Manifestations of the Serpents
  23. The Sensitive Path of the Soul
  24. Strengthening the Soul for Wealth
  25. Kundalini Yoga Exercises - Sequence A
  26. Kundalini Yoga Exercises - Sequence B
  27. Kundalini Yoga Exercises - Sequence C
  28. Kundalini Yoga Exercises - Sequence D

The White and Dark Serpents

 We can perceive the two complimentary forces of life as a black serpent (earth, water, matter and money) and a white serpent (air, fire, energy and spirit), within a marriage between two individuals representing them.

 In this situation, a man, in the seventh chakra (sahasrara) will naturally fight with his wife, found within one of the lowest chakras (muladhara), and both will struggle furthermore when apart of each other, in this case, within themselves.

The only situation in which such fight may not occur, is when both believe to be separated while codependent.

 To illustrate such moment, we would have a woman deliberately handing down money to a beggar. [...]


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