The Theory of Everything

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With over one hundred thousand years old in oral tradition, the upanishads reveal amazing formulas for life, secrets to abundance and a clear path to find real love. And yet, few are those who, to this day, were able to find the hidden secrets of these very ancient texts.

This book is a reinterpretation of the upanishads, recreated for the modern world, a world that has changed so much in the latest thousands of years and keeps changing even more rapidly nowadays.

In the following chapters, the reader will have the chance to finally understand very old secrets that reveal how life works, which laws are hidden behind the creation that God has put before our eyes, hidden behind the illusion, emotions and experiences that we encounter. [...]

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  1. The Purpose of the Illusion
  2. The Meaning of Fear
  3. The Dynamic of the Conscience
  4. The Power of the Conscience
  5. The Purpose of the Desire
  6. The Nature of the Soul
  7. The Discovery of Happiness
  8. The Control of Our Perceptions
  9. The Cycles of Manifestation
  10. The Mystery of the Unknown
  11. The Key to Mastery
  12. The Formula for Miracles
  13. The Manifestations of the Spirit
  14. The Eternal Path Towards Perfection

The Purpose of the Illusion

 With every delusion, good or bad, a new path is open before our eyes and a new journey begins towards the expansion of our own conscience.

This type of experience has happened to me so many times, that I’ve stopped worrying about answering questions related to what I want. Such questions don’t make much sense to me anymore.

 To mention some personal examples, I wanted to be a musician and a teacher, but God pushed me to be a writer. The path was so obvious that, resisting it, and for so many years, was just delaying the wonderful life I have now, while increasing the number of challenges and the suffering that came in many forms to force me to accept what I was refusing.

 I didn’t choose to be a writer naturally. The path leading in such direction was full of obstacles that didn’t exist to stop me, as I thought at that time, but intended to redirect my life. The feelings of being defeated, inadequate and incompetent were illusions. [...]


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