Towards a Better Life

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This is probably the book that you’ve always sought throughout your life and one of the few who actually and concretely can teach you how to live simply and efficiently. Here you will find a clear way out of depression, to solve problems and gain the courage to change your life while reaching for your dreams and living peacefully.

Based on dozens of conversations with people suffering from depression and other various problems, as well as the results achieved with all of them, this book clearly summarizes the solution to get out of any trouble in life, be it emotional, psychological or financial.

The principles presented herein are based on various religious values as well as the latest findings in the mental health field. But above all, they’re presented simply and in a language that anyone can understand.

It is hoped that the reader may keep this book and its rules always in mind to be able to achieve any of his dreams and continue to face life with more fulfillment and happiness, because the road is truly within our control. [...]

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  1. The Importance of Faith
  2. The Management of Our Possessions
  3. The Ability to Survive
  4. The Lack of Support in Life
  5. Life Options
  6. The Truth about Suffering
  7. The Solution to Any Problem

The Importance of Faith

 In a way, life always takes many turns and forces us to face unwanted changes, which somehow put us in a better reality; perhaps with a job where we can have more time to read, a new city where we can meet other people, including the right people, or the love of our life, or even an apartment that allows us to relax more and worry less about our income and other life problems.

 It is important, therefore, that we know how to live in present time, in order to solve what is pending and prepare for a turn for the better.

 We cannot leave the past behind without first preparing the future. If you want to travel, for example, but have the house in a mess, your energy will be held in objects which you should ged rid of and only with the exception of those you’re thinking about carrying with you.

 If you want to attract a lover, you should also prepare the house for it. How do you think a potential lover would feel if entering your home today?

Prepare everything so that have the result is always positive!” [...]


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