Ultimate Power (ebook)

Ultimate Power (ebook)


This manual is based on the knowledge and wisdom of many religious societies but also some of the most powerful and most successful people in the world.

Title Ultimate Power (ebook)
Type ebook

This manual is based on the knowledge and wisdom of many religious societies but also some of the most powerful and most successful people in the world.

It is written as a set of answers to questions, and in each answer you’ll notice, under the surface, a hidden law or a key.

The purpose is to show you something that you can recognize and see for yourself within your own life experience. As you read these laws, you’ll gain a wider conscience about how to solve your life problems and expand your ability to gain more success in your projects while working towards your dreams with a higher potential. [...]

1. What’s the most important decision anyone will ever make?

2. What is love?

3. Is there a way to truly be rich easily?

4. Can we be perfectly at peace?

5. How should we deal with our opponents?

6. What makes a person greater than himself?

7. How can we achieve what we want?

8. Why do we fail?

9. How do we increase self-confidence?

10. How can relationships grow stronger and more loving?

11. How do you find the best friends and relationships?

12. How can you accomplish more in less time?

13. What’s the secret to make our dreams manifest faster?

14. How do we make ourselves more attractive to the right people?

15. How can we learn from others?

16. How do you overcome your fears?

17. How do you make people respect you?

18. How do you handle pressure in public?

19. How to handle negative and selfish individuals?

20. How do you make an ignorant person understand you?

21. How do you remain at peace during stressful moments?

22. How do you make priorities in times of conflict?

23. Should we handle men and women differently?

24. Can you make others fear you or respect you?

25. What’s the best strategy to make quick money?

26. Is it advisable to change country to solve a problem?

27. Can you force a person to apologize?

28. How should we communicate with others?

29. How to make friends and influence people?

30. Can you fix your reputation?

31. How do we endure the challenges life puts before us?

32. Can you trust God to reinforce your soul?

33. Can we make our life easier in magical ways?

1. What’s the most important decision anyone will ever make?

 His vision. There’s nothing more important to die for than a man’s vision for his future. You see, you were born in this world with nothing. Maybe you were lucky enough to have the right parents, the right family, but ultimately, if you’re not getting higher, doing more for yourself than what you’ve received from life, you’re not living, you’re not being worth of your life. Whatever you choose to live for, your life has to be about that dream, about going further into reality, exploring it with every single sparkle of energy in your body. [...]

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