What is More Important in Life?

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This book - What is more important in life ? intends to portray an analysis and promote a cognitive awareness on one of the most debated and yet neglected questions and regarding what is more important in life: Money, Love, Spirituality or Happiness? And although most people may assume to know already the answer to this question, the content of this book will likely surprise you in many ways.

First of all, because the conclusion isn’t as predictable as it might seem at first, and second, because the these topics are interconnected in more ways than what we like to admit. In this sense, the author presents here a more uplifting perspective on this subject and within a paradigm that allows a more meaningful and pragmatic application in our daly life. 

  1. How We Choose Our Priorities
  2. How Our Strengths Make Us Weak
  3. The Difference in Being Idealistic or Realistic
  4. Who are the Losers in the Game of Life
  5. When and Why We Must Forgive Ourselves
  6. Your Greatest Treasure
  7. The Real Meaning of Growing a Thicker Skin
  8. Why You Shouldn’t Trust Common Judgments
  9. The Cruel Truth about Human Nature
  10. What Freewill Represents in Our Life
  11. The Greatest Lie about Love
  12. The Universal Value of a Soul
  13. The Global Value of a Human Life
  14. Why a Dream is Not a Lie
  15. The Chosen Souls to Uplift Mankind

How We Choose Our Priorities

 What is more important than money, love, spirituality or happiness? And what is the common thing we want in money, love, spirituality or happiness? The answer to both questions would be freedom. Now, the question is, why do we want to be free? Most commonly, to feel secure, to find love, to find our spiritual self. And why we want all these things? To be happy, basically.   Therefore, we can say that happiness and freedom are correlated. The next question now would be: How? And this is why we struggle so much to be happy and spiritual, that’s why we choose different paths to reach the same end goal. [...]


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