When Death Comes (ebook)

When Death Comes (ebook)


Many mystics know that there are ways to predict death.

Title When Death Comes (ebook)
Author Robin Sacredfire
Type ebook

Many mystics know that there are ways to predict death.

These ways or principles are all related. We can predict death with the analysis of auric fields, which are a manifestation of our emotions. But our emotions aren't just about how we feel. We tend to feel according to how we live, and we live according to how we perceive life.

Within this line of thought, even though we can't precisely say what will happen in the future without ignoring the power of freewill, as no fortuneteller can, we can work with the probabilities described by a person's state of mind.

We can say that it's possible to mention who's more likely to die in an accident, murder or by committing suicide, and who's very unlikely to end in any of these situations. [...]

  1. The energy field in our life
  2. How we magnetize experiences
  3. Why we live as we feel
  4. The order within the social disorder
  5. How to predict death
  6. The danger in suppressing emotions
  7. The ideal state of mind
  8. How to get premonitions naturally
  9. How to develop intuition
  10. How to know when someone is going to die
  11. The spiritual laws of life

The energy field in our life
  There’s an energetic frequency in every single human being and they’re dynamic, even though tending towards a balance with our environment and how it affect us.
  This frequency can move in two directions, being one related to life and another to death.
  To measure both, we can create a scale of options in life, which goes from the most incredible dreams and ambitions that provide us joy on the top, and then down to the struggles for basic survival and to pay bills, or the fears of losing someone, becoming homeless, etc.
  As we move up this chart, we actually attract more opportunities and people that will help us solve our problems, while by going down in this scale we attract situations that give us more worries and fears.

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