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Your Full Potential

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Many of us go through life without really knowing how much we can achieve. A big portion of our time is dedicated to solving problems and struggling against our own limitations.

We live far from our full potential. But why is it that some people achieve whatever they want and easily, while others don’t?

I was asked this question many times, mainly in relation to myself, because most people couldn’t understand how I was able to do so much in life and with good results all the time.

You see, the ones who succeed in achieving their goals, know which paradigms and values to follow. Most of these rules have been outlined in many books too, and throughout history, either for religious purposes, or to educate warlords and philosophers, and they can be resumed in simple principles, which we can see around us every day.

In this book, you will learn about such laws and rules and see how they challenge us and stop us from developing ourselves when not known. You will also learn precise mind techniques and hacks to use them effectively, so that you can achieve what you want much faster.

The proper application of this information will make it seem as if you have developed special powers and abilities that others don’t consider possible. You will be able to look smarter and make faster decisions at work and in your personal life. You will also gain an upper level of perception in business and finance, and much more.

This information is based on old secrets, and is outlined here in a simple form, transversal to any area of life.

  1. Introduction
  2. Chapter 1: How Do We Manifest Our Destiny?
  3. Chapter 2: How Do We Overcome Negative Cycles?
  4. Chapter 3: How Do We Win in Life Through God?
  5. Chapter 4: How Do We Discover Our Full Potential?
  6. Chapter 5: What is the Purpose of Our Encounters?
  7. Chapter 6: Why Do We Procrastinate?
  8. Chapter 7: How to Control Our Emotions?
  9. Chapter 8: How to Overcome Frustration?
  10. Chapter 9: How to Be More Positive?
  11. Chapter 10: How to Defeat Your Enemies?
  12. Chapter 11: How to Develop Discernment?
  13. Chapter 12: How to Control Your Subconscious Mind?
  14. Chapter 13: Why You Shouldn’t Justify Yourself?
  15. Chapter 14: How to Overcome Resentment?
  16. Chapter 15: How to Confront Your Fears?
  17. Chapter 16: How to End Negative Karma?
  18. Chapter 17: How to Overcome Insults?
  19. Chapter 18: Why is Love Overrated?
  20. Chapter 19: How to Use Trauma to Your Advantage?
  21. Chapter 20: How to Simplify Your Plans?
  22. Chapter 21: Why Some People Will Always Fail?
  23. Chapter 22: Why Do We Attract What We Don’t Want?
  24. Chapter 23: Why You Shouldn’t Feel Ashamed?
  25. Chapter 24: How to Challenge the Odds?
  26. Chapter 25: Why Do People Lie to Themselves?
  27. Chapter 26: How to Be Rich and Spiritual?
  28. Chapter 27: How to Think Effectively?
  29. Chapther 28: How to Solve Any Problem?
  30. Chapther 29: How Can Negativity Be Good for You?
  31. Chapter 30: How to Identify Your True Nature?

Chapter 1: How Do We Manifest Our Destiny?

The connection we all have to the cosmic energy, from which love is only a representation among many, allows detecting the projections of the ether in our being, among which we find our dreams.

This is why prayer, as in asking questions to a higher entity, is so important.

When we do that, we are connecting ourselves to that field, and in doing so, attracting more answers in the form of dreams, insights and ideas.

What is also interesting about this habit, shows itself in the old mystical arts, such as numerology. For people do tend to desire that which they were predestined to manifest.

In every single case in which I applied the concepts of numerology, I saw the same occurring: the people to whom I applied the knowledge were chasing happiness by following a path that had already been predisposed to them at birth.

I was doing the same. I was born to be a writer. But I was, nonetheless, avoiding it, because I didn’t believe I should become one.

Took me only five years to write over three hundred books and make this come true. But took me more than fifteen years to accept that I should be a writer, considering the moment in which I realized it for the first time.

Even though there is free will, humans do tend to make decisions that fit their spiritual nature, reason why cartomancy and other esoteric sciences can be called effective studies of futurology when properly applied.

The paradigm of existence has no place for egotism, selfishness or punishment, because our spiritual path is always full of experiences that push us in the right way — by either moving us forward or making us realize something about our true self.

The occult sciences have been wrongly labeled as diabolical by many ignorant minds, but I am not saying either that they cannot be used to channel evil. Just as love can pull a narcissist into our life, or scare him or her away, the occult can also be used for good or evil too.

You see, God created both angels and demons, which means they come from the same source, and are gifted with the same type of wisdom. This wisdom is revealed in the natural order of things, which comes from the main source.

This is the type of knowledge that has been kept as a secret for thousand of years, precisely because it can be used for evil.

Sadly, the masses are more predisposed for evil now, due to the force of their ego, than they are for doing good, reason why anything can be used to reinforce such instincts.

The information and the tools, however, are neutral.

This said, even though cartomancy, as many other mystical arts, can be used for evil, as I have witnessed many times, the real purpose is introspection and the realization of the type of changes we must accept, in order to attract a more harmonious life, aligned with the Devine will.

Along this line of thought, it is only natural to observe that the greatest changes emerge from within when we align ourselves with the cosmic will.

Destiny can be more important than our capacity to change it, but with every decision, fate is altered, although not deviating from its original purpose — our consciousness.

The battle between free will and predestination is not related to the physical world, but only our internal world.

If, for example, we reject the one we were supposed to love, we’ll learn what we would have to learn from this person with someone else.

If the attraction was strong, we will suffer for a long time until we find someone else or something in life that fits our need to obtain the lessons we couldn’t gain otherwise.

Sometimes, this occurs in a short period of time, and repeatedly, making us feel that we are riding a bad wave of negative karma. But, what it really means, is that we must understand something important and rapidly.

One of the most interesting things about bad karma, is that the righteous, who haven’t abandoned the path of love while suffering, are always embraced by fate, through unexpected events that place them exactly where they should be.

The opposite occurs with those who thought that, by manipulating certain events and outcomes, would be in some type of advantage over others.

This drama is clearly played between narcissists and empaths. The narcissists are always caught by their karma, no matter what they do, or how smart they think they are. Their plans never really work as they thought they would. And that is one of the reasons behind their lethargy and lack of motivation in life. They feel that life never works according to their will. And yet, they can’t look at themselves and see why, in order to change such results.

The less capable one is of introspecting himself on his actions, the more likely he is to become a victim of destiny.


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