The 14 Karmic Laws of Love

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Most people go through life without understanding the purpose of their existence or how their past reincarnations keep affecting their decisions and emotions in the present time, and even interfering with the dynamics of their relationships.

Although we don’t necessarily always find someone we met in a previous life, it is a fact that, due to our predisposed energy field and the way it is arranged, we tend to always be drawn towards those with whom we have an emotional connection with, and for good or for worse. That connection tends to find reasons within our karmic path.

As you can see, one way or another, we are attracted to what is beautiful or broken. But the outside is always a reflection of the inside, and both elements of reality complement one another. The physical world is nothing but the theatre of our spiritual manifestations and learnings. 

Indeed, there are different reasons behind our many behaviors and thoughts, most of which are much older than we want to believe. The physical aspect of them is nothing but a form of justification within a wider spectrum related to our own eternal growth.

The more you understand this and learn to actually see it, the faster you will be in learning how to make proper decisions towards your most desired outcomes.

In this book, you will gain a better perception of how karma affects your life, and how previous reincarnations affect the way you think. You will also learn how to clean your karma, how to find your soulmate, and how to keep a healthy relationship with someone you have met in another life.

Ultimately, the path that is unveiled here, will guide you in finding your true self, while identifying the traits that can make you a better person.

Most likely, what makes this book completely unique, among so many others on this topic, is that while it was being written, it was also happening to the author himself. Basically, the author found a soulmate during the editing process and decided to include here an in-depth analysis of the story, to help his readers in understanding the topic with a pragmatic and honest approach to it, and without occulting any personal aspects.

The parallel between the theory, the analysis, and the reality, will guide you towards finding real love in the most comprehensive way possible.

Learn more about the Karmic Laws of Life with this book.

  1. Introduction
  2. How to Recognize Your Karmic Relationships
  3. Why Your Soulmate Can Be a Stubborn Soul
  4. How to Identify a Karmic Connection Within You
  5. How Your Spiritual State Influences Your Soulmate
  6. The Meanings Behind the Emotional Chaos
  7. The Importance of Accepting Your Soulmate
  8. Why People Reject Their Soulmate
  9. How to Recognize Behavior Patterns in a Soulmate
  10. How I Found a Great Soulmate
  11. How to Accept Your Karmic Challenges
  12. How to Overwrite Your Fear Patterns
  13. Why Faith in Your Karmic Path is So Important
  14. The Importance of Your Decisions
  15. The Connection Between Desires and Reincarnations
  16. The Self-Deceptive Path of the Personality
  17. How Karma Emerges From Emotional Connections
  18. The Relationship Between Reincarnation and the Ego
  19. The Countries Where You Should Look for a Soulmate
  20. The Challenges of the Most Developed Souls
  21. Why Do People Fear Believing in Past Lives?
  22. Why Do We Allow Our Fears to Destroy Our Dreams?
  23. Why Do We Need to Confront Our Karmic Cycles?
  24. The Influence of Karma in Our Spiritual Purpose
  25. Why Love Reappears in a New Life
  26. Why Relationships Between Soulmates Fail
  27. When Two Soulmates Have a Quarrel
  28. Why Karma Destroys Relationships
  29. Why We Allow The Past to Repeat Itself
  30. Why Soulmates are Usually Different Individuals
  31. The Mental Battle Between Soul and Society
  32. The Transition Between Our Emotional Dilemmas
  33. Why Do We Repeat The Same Stories
  34. The Importance of Sex Between Soulmates
  35. The Spiritual Consequences of Promiscuity
  36. The Meaning of Reincarnation in Our Personal Life
  37. Why are People Irresponsible about their Karma
  38. How Many Types of Relationship Exist?
  39. Why Most People Can’t Change?
  40. How To Accept Love Between Soulmates?
  41. Understanding Karmic Love Between Soulmates
  42. The Third Hidden Element in All Relationships
  43. When and Who Should We Forgive?
  44. Who Deserves Love the Most?
  45. The Soulmates You Can’t Accept
  46. How Do People Make Themselves Suffer
  47. Karma and the Obsession with Manipulation
  48. The 14 Karmic Laws of Love

How to Recognize Your Karmic Relationships

We don’t really understand why certain people appear in our life despite the way we feel about them, even when our brain tells us that they don’t match how we see ourselves.

Many times, such individuals show a completely unexpected appearance, skin color, tone of voice or anything else that just doesn’t seem to resemble anyone we ever met before in our current existence. And yet, somehow, they feel familiar to us.

That which intrigues us, propels our curiosity towards them, and by following through, we become entangled in their reality.

From that point on, we can’t really avoid either the conflicts, the misinterpretations, the chaotic thoughts, the frustrations or contradictions, and everything else that occurs within us and in between. Although the biggest challenge typically occurs when they present a willingness towards a direction we have once had but do not wish to see in a lifetime partner.

If you ever found yourself thinking about someone you had just met for no particular reason, that was most likely a symptom of an encounter with a soulmate, or at the very least, someone you have met before, in another life.

The most interesting thing about such encounters, it the delusional idea that most people have that they can somehow avoid the consequences. Because you can deny the impact it has on you, but you can’t really avoid it. You can choose what you wish to do with fate but you can’t stop it.

Due to my level of consciousness, I can easily tell who is supposed to meet me for karmic reasons. Sometimes I talk to them about those reasons and sometimes I don’t, depending on how much they seem prepared to handle the truth.

Many of those who can’t get any answers from me, often call me mysterious and claim that I have a high ability to avoid questions, but that is not something that I do on purpose. It is rather a natural behavior and adjustment coming out of an analysis that I do on their soul, and that proves itself accurate every single time.

There are also occasions in which I do the opposite, by either ridiculing my level of awareness, devaluing the amount of knowledge I possess, or by ignoring the conceptualizations others have formed about themselves. And I do that for the same reasons.

Not always the one who is not prepared is the one who lacks the knowledge. There are also many situations in which the one with the most knowledge has trapped himself in his own beliefs, and in doing so, delayed his own spiritual growth.

This situation is actually very common among very religious individuals. I have seen many examples of this in Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism. And I must say that, those in these groups who have shown fear and resentment towards me, are precisely the ones who need me the most. […]


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