The Evil Within

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Our world is changing very fast, and many believe, not in the right direction. But the weapons of evil are subtle and hard to detect, even by the most advanced religious groups. This planet is organized in such a way that most people won’t be able to notice how they are being played towards their own destruction, for most of their beliefs are not even their own. But, in this book, you will understand which strategies are being used by the dark spiritual forces operating on the planet to destroy humanity, and realize how you can escape from this unseen war, being played in our minds every single day.

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  1. Introduction
  2. The Five Layers of Reality
  3. The Highest Spiritual Level
  4. The Spiritual Deception
  5. How Gender Wars Destroy Humanity
  6. How Promiscuity Destroys Humanity
  7. How Loving Lost Souls Feels

The Five Layers of Reality

People tend to think that they are seeing reality but actually they are seeing a combination of beliefs — collective consciousness manifested at a vibrational and physical level. They think they understand reality but actually what they understand are their own prejudices and assumptions, previously filtered by the social beliefs. They think they understand others but they are actually getting the result of their behaviors — also known as karmic laws in application. And many times people are merely confirming what they already expected to have, and not more than that. To expect more than that, you would have to change your own belief-system, and in doing so, change yourself too. And that’s a challenge most humans aren’t willing to have.

That is how people enter the comfort zone, in which they have friends in whom to trust, friends telling them what they want to believe, and what they always expect to hear. And such other people are living in a comfort zone too, made out of illusions. The overall suffering comes exactly from that spectrum of reality, and not from reality itself as a whole, which is neutral. In fact, part of this reality is also found in nature, the birds, the trees, the butterflies, and we can’t become aware of all that when immersed in our own paradigms.

There are both positive and negative outcomes in all interactions. But those who perceive more negativity than positivity, can’t really perceive a realistic outcome from any interaction. They are perceiving not what is mathematically correct, but what fits their own personal illusions and expectations. Their mental computations are made with emotional abstractions rather than factual events.

Now, is being realistic something impossible to accomplish with a common human mind? I can’t really say so. Because, above that level of reality, there are other levels. And these levels are known only to a few, which typically fall lost inside of them. These are the levels of goal achievement, power, and magic.

The level of goal achievement is what you hear many motivational speakers talking about. It’s about setting a goal and working hard to achieve it. And that goal can be anything in life. And it’s perfectly noble of you to decide which goal you wish to have, not only in finances but also emotions. You can decide to have personal goals; You can decide to have relationship goals; You can decide to have marriage goals; Or goals in having and raising children. You can play with life at many levels and with many variables. But you do need to have a goal, to know in which direction to move. It’s like buying a plane ticket; unless you know where you are going, you will never buy it; unless you decide where you want to go, you won’t buy it. And interestingly enough, many people struggle with making decisions, because they are incapable of setting goals in their life. They are so afraid of doing mistakes that they become incapable of setting goals. And so, they need to know this — how to set a goal and how to plan for it. And to know it, you need something else, which is a belief in yourself — confidence rooted in self-esteem. Without these two things, you can’t set goals.

If you don’t believe in yourself and don’t love yourself enough, you can’t set goals for the future and move towards the achievement of such goals. That’s what lack of motivation really is — lack of discipline and lack of self-esteem. You cannot increase your financial account and your social account without an equally rich emotional account.

Above this level, you have two more, both of them connected to hope, faith and magic. In these two upper levels, you don’t just decide based on what you believe or see, or even what you want. You decide based on what you feel and your imagination, and with spiritual ambitions too. That is why few people know these upper levels; They’re the god levels. But those who reach them become confused because of their ego; they think it means becoming as a god. But it’s not exactly the same thing. You’re cooperating with God, and not being Him or competing with Him. You’re also not being less human but actually exploring your full potential as a human being, which is limitless.

Your own DNA, as scientific research has already shown, changes with your own thoughts. And if your DNA can change, if your own thinking patterns can change, there’s no limit to who you can become when using the decisive power coming from your awareness.


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