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During your entire life, you’ll experience the worst and the best from everyone you’ll encounter, and most of the times, you’ll be unaware of how much these experiences affect your attitude towards others.

We grow more positive or negative, depending on the amount of negativity or positivity accumulated from our experiences, and depending also on how we handle them within us. But are we victims? Do we deserve what happens to us? Do we have a choice on how we learn from each relationship? Can we truly change and become better persons?

The answers we choose for any of these questions defines who we are, what we do, and the decisions we make along our path with the ones we encounter. Such decisions, on the other hand, will then reflect back at our identity, by reinforcing what already exists within us, or by leading us into the recreation of a new self.

There is no such thing as being stronger or weaker but merely more ware or not of our own power and responsibility towards our life. And, no matter what, it is still better to be aware under any circumstance than having a false pride in what regards our perceptions of the world and society in particular. We shouldn’t need masks to hide our nature from others.

The lack of answers to our questions related to love, either for us or others, defines a strong ideal and values lacking recognition, and not the opposite. This is what we see in beautiful women that can’t find the man they’re looking for, get married, have children and live wonderful family lives. They may even start developing the idea that men don’t appreciate them, that men only love the wrong women and, in doing so, become more depreciative and bitter themselves. And once this happens, they will probably find other explanations to deny the failure within their ego. And such answers will then revert back into blaming others or circumstances, rather that restarting a healing process that is necessary to occur from within. And the problem in all this equation, that actually applies to both genders, is not related to results only, but foremost to whom we become. To look at such individuals and say that they can’t have a healthy relationship isn’t as important as to say that they don’t love themselves. They’ve lost their sense of purpose. And now, the answers they seek are related to the belief that they’re superior to others in intellect and independency. The answers that these individuals need, on the other hand, are found within their heart and hidden behind prejudice and defense mechanisms they've learned to apply in all encounters.

With these concepts in consideration, this book intends to provide more wisdom on how to handle difficult relationships and overcome the problem on not being able to give and receive love, while looking at the social, psychological and spiritual perspectives, and by understanding how they interact in our own personal perception of reality.

  1. How is Love Related to Happiness and Why
  2. How Love Appears Out of Chaos
  3. How to Find the Secret Portal to Love and Happiness
  4. How to Find the Energy of Love in Your Life
  5. Why We Can’t See Love Around Us
  6. Why We Can’t Feel Loved Anymore
  7. How Distrust Disconnects You From Love

How is Love Related to Happiness and Why

The superiority of intellect, the supremacy of an argument and our mental independency don’t translate into emotional maturity and emotional wisdom. Contrary to what so many people think, nothing of what comes from the mind reflects in their maturity as adults. As a matter of fact, we can divide love in many levels, namely, the love for ourselves, the love for a social group, the love for animals and nature in general, the love for a partner, but we can’t say that love is possible without any or only a section of this spectrum. Not if you intend to experience a superior and complete form of love, one that translates into any other aspect of our lives.

Those who contradict this statement don’t hold a complete and truthful meaning towards what love is.

Love also doesn’t have many interpretations, or angles of analysis, doesn’t depend on individual perceptions, or levels of tolerance, and doesn’t change according to life experience. To believe that is to confuse manifestations with causes.

Love is life itself. And so, the opposite of love is death. And this is the simplest explanation I can give you to what love is.

Human existence can’t be sustained or justified by pain, isolation and suffering. On the contrary, we need happiness. But that happiness isn’t a personal construct or based on selfish needs and desires that make us step on others in order to reach for our goals And if it’s real happiness what we’re looking for, it can’t be found in attitudes such as isolation, dishonesty, false expectations and contradictions. And yet, what are those that claim not being able to find love doing?

  • They isolate themselves from the world when prioritizing the need to protect personal beliefs;
  • They reject love when expecting it without an attitude that justifies it;
  • They contradict the flow of happiness, when opposing it with hate, selfishness and anger.

It has been the conclusion of many sages that love is in the attitude of giving. Now, let us see why, based on the previous explanation:

  • When you prioritize your beliefs above righteousness and wise changes, you deprive yourself from receiving love;
  • When you decide that you won’t voluntarily offer love until you receive it first, you make the possibility of receiving happiness harder to manifest,
  • When you oppose love with resentment, selfishness and anger, you blind yourself to the possibilities and opportunities of experiencing real and lasting happiness.

It was a wise decision of God to implant in the human soul the mechanism of love in such a way. Because such mechanism makes it impossible to receive happiness without love, and makes love unable to manifest itself without an attitude of faith. And this faith only has one way of being applied, which is by opening the heart to the possibility of suffering and deception.

One necessarily has to predispose himself to be hurt in order to love. Happiness does not even have a chance of showing itself until true love is found. And yet, this love can only appear when one walks in faith, without seeking it with his five senses.

A blind man can find in his heart what his soul needs, but the one that sees and seeks by his own determinism may never find what he is looking for, if not acting out of faith with a predisposition to be blinded by foolishness.


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