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Alien Report

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There are 40 billion Earth-sized planets orbiting in the habitable zones of sun-like stars. From many of those we came. Millions of us have been labeled as "Star People" aka. Indigo, or Hybrids, physically speaking. But the whole reality stretches far beyond what most humans can understand or accept.

On the other hand, there is a direct alien interference that kidnaps humans, mixes their sperm or ovules with alien, and then populates new planets with a mixed race, exactly as what happened on Earth millions of years ago. There is also a direct alien interference that kidnaps female humans, impregnates them with a mixed race of human appearance, and makes them give birth to babies that look human but are actually hybrids. And yet, the most important interference manifesting on Earth is spiritual. [...]

  1. Cosmic Conscience
  2. Recognizing My Real Self
  3. The Emotions in Me
  4. Choices and Deceptions
  5. Spiritual Evolution
  6. Recognizing the Earthly Reality
  7. The Earthly Illusion
  8. My Perception of Human Conscience
  9. The Spiritual Level of Planet Earth
  10. The Prison on Earth
  11. Final Words

Cosmic Conscience

 The planets I have visited are beautiful. And I believe that the concepts I still get in my dreams don't match what is known on Earth. The concept of who I was may not even have a word that I can use. I have been exploring planets that have been destroyed by their inhabitants, in order to understand the causes. Other times, I was rescuing people from such planets. And still, other times, I found myself as the military or scientific member of some organization, whose responsibility was to assist local inhabitants in guaranteeing their survival as a planetary race.

 I have never seen anything on Earth that can relate to what I’ve been doing in other planetary contexts. Humans are still in a very primitive stage. But what I’ve done isn't abnormal, it's just another reality. In fact, so far the Japanese gardens are the most similar thing to what I got in a dream-memory from one of my past lives. Even though, I doubt that the whole scenario I saw in that dream exists in Japan. [...]


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