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Think Like a Spy

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Many people have wished or dreamed about the possibility of doing espionage, and movies surely stimulate such desire. But my experience of living in some of the worst neighborhoods in the world left me with little desire to ever be in such situation again.

However, there are many forms of espionage in our modern world, and not just the types that we often see in movies. Among those, we have the ones we’re forced to learn, in order to find evidences against a cheating partner, or to protect ourselves when someone is investigating our private life.

Nobody is immune to such needs, unless we pretend they’re not real and choose to experience life with naiveness. And that’s something I was forced to accept in order to move on with mine.

We all have our curious side, but few go as deep as to finding something about people and the world that can really make us feel sick. I’ve done it many times, to expose the truth in certain situations and find the rotten apples. […]

  1. Fact Nr.1: Most people are stupid
  2. Fact Nr.2: Emotions control thoughts
  3. Fact Nr.3: Pleasure dominates impulses
  4. Fact Nr.4: Imagination leads thought
  5. Fact Nr.5: People are as what they do
  6. Fact Nr.6: Technology is your best ally
  7. Fact Nr.7: An exit is more important than the entrance
  8. Fact Nr.8: Long answers provide more security
  9. Fact Nr.9: People have a selective memory
  10. Fact Nr.10: The best tool is the most common
  11. Fact Nr.11: Confusion opens unseen doors
  12. Fact Nr.12: Luck favors the prepared

Fact Nr.1: Most people are stupid

 One of the things that I’ve learned with my life experience, when protecting myself from abuses to my integrity in Communist China, and people that accused me of things that I’ve never done, or when chasing the truth about someone threatening it and trying to destroy my projects, is that, generally speaking, people are extremely stupid.

 The only advantage that the most vicious people have consists in being fake. Once they start to speak, you can see pretty much about their intentions, their goals in life, and even who they really are behind their appearance.

The ones that spy on us are always the friendliest. Their strategy works because most people are too dumb, focused in smiles and compliments, and in need for emotional support. If you listen to the questions, then you can see the person behind the mask. The spy, whatever his age may be, is always asking private questions and trying to close the gap to your privacy, not only through conversations but also habits. […]


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