How to Bang Like a Werewolf

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Did you know that, according to pornstar Shawna, 99% of men are bad in bed? Or that, according to the National Health and Social Life Survey, while 75% of men always reach orgasm during sex, only 29% of women report the same? The Endurance Report says that, on average, most men last anywhere from two to six minutes in bed.

Through years examining different information on this subject and applying it to different women, always came a moment in which many of them revealed the exact same thing, saying that most men don’t know how to have sex and should be taught how to. They suggested me to write this book to teach them, as every single one of them said that I was the one that knew the most.

Therefore, this manual - how to bang , resumes shared information, from words to words and sheets to sheets, as well as skills certified by many women as being the best. And it’s also scientifically proven, in the biggest screams of orgasm that I’ve ever listened, followed by extremely sweating bodies and hands, leaving no space for any doubt regarding the evidences or the possibility of pretending them. [...]

  1. What to consume to last longer
  2. Where to meet horny women
  3. How to choose a sex-partner
  4. Street seduction
  5. How to talk a woman into sex
  6. Nice girls and bitches
  7. Porno skills
  8. Why being a pornstar is a state of mind
  9. Sex positions
  10. The ultimate orgasm
  11. Understanding oral sex
  12. Lasting longer in an orgy

What to consume to last longer

 The options in food and drinks should always include what better helps in keeping endurance and energy for a longer period of time. So, the food chosen for sexual activities and sports isn’t always the same, even though both activities can be analyzed under the same perspective. Sex is much more about controlling pleasure in a deep physical level. Here, the concept of energy has a different application when comparing to sports, although part of it has resemblances. For example, although you can do sports in many ways and following different routines of exercises, sex is much more about self-control, resistance and your ability to deal with both while managing them at the same time. In other words, sexual activity is mostly related to the sensitivity that you have towards yourself and how much you know about your own body. [...]


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