How to Be a Pickup Artist

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Many men have tried to spend time with me to learn what makes me special with women. They can’t see it because it’s not obvious from how I behave or dress. It’s not even obvious by how I talk. And this can be puzzling. In other words, I’m basically impossible to copy. So what makes women so attracted to me? I’m not well-build and full of muscles, I’m not tall and blond; I just don’t have anything in me or in my behavior that can make me look like a potential threat to other men. And yet they perceive me as one. But they only perceive me as one, once they see all the girls moving towards my side, leaning on me, and hooking on me.

Like a Ninja, I am impossible to detect until the job is done. And that, I believe, increases the level of mystery in what regards my personality and my social magnetism. Now, before all that happens, there are certainly things I have in me and my capacity to observe that makes me fast and efficient at picking up the best women. And in this book I will explain to you how you can develop the same type of qualities. The qualities presented in How to Be a Pickup Artist emerge from a peculiar attitude to life, one that emanates a vibe women can feel and are unable to resit. And it’s much more than what shows in confidence; but you’ll have to read more to find the big secrets that even most PUAs don’t know.

  1. How to Become a Good Pickup Artist
  2. Pickup Artist Techniques
  3. How to Get Comfortable Approaching Women
  4. How to Approach Women Anywhere
  5. How to Play a Pickup Artist Role
  6. Why You Must Love Yourself First
  7. How to Successfully Organize Your Own Events

How to Become a Good Pickup Artist

Many of my readers have noticed that I'm writing what other PUAs don't. This is actually a great observation. Because, you see, I also study other PUAs strategies. Actually, after a while, you start noticing that they all learn from one another, and none is really special. The truly lucky ones tend to have obvious attributes that give them more advantages than the strategies they promote, i.e. being tall, strong, with blue eyes, etc. And very often, having a US, Australian or British passport is all you need. But many are not really aware, have no idea about this and think it's their strategies doing all the work.

You have to face discrimination from women for being dark skinned, chubby, from an irrelevant country or over 40, to really know what it is, to pick hot girls in their 20s, especially, when not being what they’re looking for or even close to it. And the fact is that, despite what they say, I've noticed that they usually end up with girls that anyone else could get, without any strategy and much effort; girls I always reject.[…]


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