How to Get a Guy

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A relationship goes through many stages and women typically find themselves repeating the same cycles all the time during a lifetime, and without ever finding the ideal man or, when such happens, being able to keep him and make him commit.

In this book you will know exactly what kind of woman are men looking for, how to be that exact woman, and how to make them fall in love.

The content presented here in How to Get a Guy , will show you a step by step and easy process to get any man you want, and make him marry you, even when you think that he is too good to be yours forever. You will know how men think and what are their deepest secrets and desires in what regards finding their ideal woman, and you will be able to be such woman. 

  1. When and Why is Love Gone
  2. What Makes a Relationship Vulnerable
  3. Why a Relationship isn’t a Fairytale
  4. What You Can and Can’t Allow in a Relationship
  5. What Can You Really Change in a Relationship
  6. How to Make a Man Fall in Love
  7. How to Be the Woman that Men Want
  8. Secrets Asian Women Don’t Want You to Know

When and Why is Love Gone

 There are many elements in a relationship that either feed or kill love. One of the them is the romantic story behind it, or the background of it. You see, there are things that sometimes people do or say and will never be forgotten, even though they may be forgiven at some point. And they do accumulate with many others along time, which make them determinant mistakes for the future. This includes visiting ex-boyfriends or maintaining contact with them, being caught flirting with others, physical violence, verbal abuse, stealing, etc. When enough significant and negative things occur, even though people may change, those new changes may never be recognized and accepted, not being enough to keep the relationship in the future. In other words, it’s easier for a new person to recognize your changes than your current partner, that will more likely remember what you said and did, since the very beginning. [...]


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