How to Seduce Like a Martial Artist

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I never had much luck with women until I started practicing Kickboxing. My path in the martial arts followed after that, to many others fighting styles, where I got the rank of Instructor. And I never stopped being impressed about how much the same principles would apply to dating. More than that, I was impressed about how much some geeks would pick up on the principles and start dating gorgeous girls, including my own students. And that’s when I realized that the principles were very important, so important that the best fighters I know barely work to get super hot girls chasing them.

This said, I believe you should learn what Martial Artists know that you don’t. In fact, I will be doing much more that that, by offering you a Dating Martial Art.

In other words, this book — How to Seduce Like a Martial Artist , will give you a complete path into becoming the best version of yourself, by showing you the exact steps in levels, just like any Karate class would. This is your complete program to Womanizing-Do, the mysterious path of the pussy warrior that I have created for specially for my followers.

  1. White Belt
  2. Yellow Belt
  3. Green Belt
  4. Blue Belt
  5. Brown Belt
  6. Black Belt

White Belt

You are just starting in your path as a fighter. But there is something you don’t know yet about fighting, and that is that the best fighters are amazing strategists. In order to start developing this skill, you must pay attention to the following exercises and take them as mental workouts too.

At this level, you don’t want to be a tiger, but merely learn to keep yourself alive. Practice observation when applying these principles.

Meditation: Sit with your back straight against a wall, having your neck and head aligned with it, and repeat the following affirmations every day, for at least 10minutes in total  […]


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