The God of Fire

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The book God of Fire is based on the Vedas, a collection of hymns and other religious texts composed in India nearly four thousand years ago.

Written in a very obscure style and filled with metaphors, the Vedas hide great secrets and wisdom about humanity and spirituality in particular. It was believed that those who followed the Vedic scriptures would benefit from divine protection and prosperity.

Nonetheless, apart from these religious beliefs, the formulas contained in the Vedas are considered to be sacred by the Vedic religion and have allowed the development of many sciences that promote health and prosperity.

Based on these same formulas and hidden messages, the information portrayed here will guide into the main idea behind enlightenment, and the understanding of how it actually combines with many other aspects of our life, also related to our emotions, wealth and success. [...]

  1. The Miracle of Fire
  2. The Purpose of Fire
  3. The Sacrifice of Fire
  4. The Storm of Fire
  5. The Burning Heart
  6. The Fire of Forgiveness
  7. The Achievement of Fire
  8. The Fire of Desire

The Miracle of Fire

 There are five main alchemical elements composing the reality of the material world: Fire, Air, water, metal and earth. And these elements manifest also in our own nature as human beings:

 Fire is manifested as action;

 Air is manifested as thoughts;

 Water is manifested as emotions;

 Metal is manifested as changes;

 Earth is manifested as needs.

 Among these elements, fire is the most important, the one that puts all the others in movement, reason why it’s associated with divine conscience.

 Fire transforms air into water, lower metals into pure metals, and earth within itself.

 Earth is the physical manifestation of a vast amount of complexities and elements in permanent interaction, and so, whatever we see, is merely an outcome provided by our chemical interaction with the other elements. [...]


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