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Included in Our Premium Package:

  • You are publishing with a known, trustworthy, reliable and awarded company.
  • You will get more exposure, as our books have been featured in TV shows.
  • You have a higher probability of becoming an Amazon Bestseller, as we already did that with more than 100 of our titles.
  • You will get a non-exclusive agreement, allowing you to withdraw at any time after the book has been published (which doesn’t include a refund, but does include your translated editions).
  • You will get a personalized editing, proofreading and book review.
  • We will distribute your book to more than 64,200 retailers, schools and libraries from all over the world.
  • We will publish your ebook on Amazon Kindle, Google Play, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and the 22 Lions Bookstore, among many other popular stores.
  • We will design your own professional cover.
  • We will format your Ebook interior for e-readers.
  • We will create 5 versions for your ebook: EPUB, PDF, MOBI, Paperback and Audiobook.
  • Your book will be available in 3 languages: English, Portuguese, and Chinese or Spanish.
  • We will pay you at end of every month via PayPal whenever reaching a $50 minimum threshold on your publications.
  • We keep only 50% on each sale, after deductions to our retailers in all formats available.
  • We will include your own photo and biography on the back cover of the paperback edition.
  • We can include up to 20 B&W images in your book interior.
  • We accept your original .doc file in English, Spanish, Chinese and Portuguese.
  • You merely need to make the payment and send us your book for publication in this page, and the process will be completed within one to six months, depending on the amount of orders received.

Included in Our Gold Package:

  • The same as the Premium Package, but for only one translation: English to Portuguese or Portuguese to English.

Included in Our Silver Package:

  • The same as the Premium Package, but for the original language in the book only (no translation included).