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Included in Our Gold Package:

  • You are publishing with a known, trustworthy, reliable, and awarded company.
  • You will get more exposure, as our books have been featured in TV shows.
  • You have a higher probability of becoming an Amazon Bestseller, as we already did that with more than 100 of our titles.
  • You will get a non-exclusive agreement, allowing you to withdraw at any time after the book has been published (which doesn’t include a refund but does include your translated editions).
  • You will get personalized editing, proofreading, and book review.
  • We will distribute your book to more than 70,000 retailers, schools, and libraries from all over the world.
  • We will publish your ebook on Amazon Kindle, Google Play, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and the 22 Lions Bookstore, among many other popular stores.
  • We will design your own professional cover.
  • We will format your ebook interior for e-readers.
  • We will create 6 versions for your ebook: EPUB, PDF, MOBI, Hardback, Paperback, and Audiobook.
  • Your book will be available in 2 languages: English, and Portuguese.
  • We will pay you at the end of every month via PayPal.
  • We keep only 20% on each sale, after deductions to our retailers.
  • We will include your own photo and biography on the back cover of the paperback and hardback editions.
  • We can include up to 20 B&W images in your book interior.
  • We accept your original .doc file in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.
  • You merely need to make a one-time-payment and send us your book for publication on this page, and the process will be completed within one to six months, depending on the number of orders received.
  • We will send you a confirmation email with links to your book and audiobook on the main top platforms once our work has been completed.
  • You will save thousands of dollars in translations, audiobook narrators, and publishing costs (some of our competitors charge a minimum of $5000 just to put your book on Amazon and nothing else).

Included in Our Silver Package:

  • The same as the Gold Package but for the ebook, paperback, and translation only. It does not include audiobook and hardback publications.

Important notice:

  • We do not recommend books with more than 200 pages. In these cases, the Gold Package will require an extra $500 per 100 pages on top of the basic value, to cover costs on audiobook production. There are no extra costs in the Silver Package.

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    Publishing Services

    Publishing Services

    $19,000.00 $1,990.00
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    Gold Package
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