Shadows of the Illuminati

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The religious background of the Illuminati varies according to their world views and how history is seen, from which perspective is compiled, and although we may tend to simplify complexities within our mind, by placing collected information in the same box, it isn’t the easiest way to reach conclusions, and much less the truth.

Today, the ones claiming to be part of a specific group self-entitled Illuminati can be traced back in history to the Knights Templar, the Pythagorean Brotherhood, the Gnostics, the Luciferian and Pagan traditions, and many, many more. The body of knowledge encompasses a huge amount of scientific truths kept hidden for thousands of years, and found in its entire body in the Vedic scriptures, the Egyptian schools of mysteries and even in the ancient Atlantic beliefs, which for many remain very alive today.

Now, although for those in the darkness, the non-illuminated ones, the ignorant masses, it would be easier to divide the world in two parts, and place the illuminated ones in one category alone, I must stress that such would be naive and dangerous.[…]

  1. Shadows of the Illuminati
  2. The Unveiling and the Unmasking
  3. The Zionist New World Order
  4. The Religious Background of the Illuminati
  5. The Relation Between Jesus and the Illuminati
  6. Christianity According to the Illuminati
  7. The Branches of the Illuminati Tree
  8. The Political Agenda of the Illuminati
  9. The Strategy of the Illuminati
  10. The New World Order Conspiracy
  11. Modern Warfare and Mind Control
  12. The Bridge Between Reality and the Spiritual World
  13. The Illuminati Kabbalah & Alchemy
  14. The Highest Stage of the Illuminati Kabbalah
  15. The Illuminati Enlightenment
  16. The Speech of John F. Kennedy about the Illuminati

Shadows of the Illuminati

Many have asked me if my books contain knowledge from secret societies, and I can assure you that they do, although I wouldn’t consider them or the knowledge necessarily secret, as truth is universal. There’s Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, Scientology, Buddhism, Gnosticism, Christianity, and a lot more, in any of my books. And I obviously don’t make distinctions between what is or not supposed to be secret. In fact, I simplify my writing so much, and organize it in such a way, that the information ends up bypassing the mental filter of the reader as common sense, and merging naturally with his own thoughts and paradigms. And this is the reason why so many of my readers are happy to tell me that they don’t feel like they need to memorize what I write or my teachings, and even see them as easy to apply in their life. The level of simplicity and articulation of ideas is such, that I can literally change paradigms with a few pages, and in doing so, contribute to change the world rapidly. […]


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