Sacred Numerology

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Around the world, and at the moment, there’s this idea that numerology is a very esoteric topic, and yet it manifests in our daily life, in everything we do and what surrounds us. If affects us and the ones we know, including the disbelievers.

It is, in these coded sequences and patterns, that we find the greatest secrets to life and destiny. And for this reason alone, studying numerology isn’t only a decision related to understanding life but also understanding oneself, in order to make better decisions and affect the future and outcome in life more efficiently.

In this book, you’ll receive insights regarding why life’s codes can be found hidden inside numerology, how to understand them, and how to use them to understand other mechanisms of fortunetelling as well, while shifting your fate and determining your life’s purpose at the same time.

Although this book can enlighten any fortuneteller regarding doing a better and more complete work when analyzing the life of others, it was written for anyone that lacks any knowledge whatsoever on this topic and needs a complete, practical and flexible approach to the study of numerology. 

  1. The Triangular Dynamic of a Spiritual Existence
  2. The Reason Behind our Nonsense
  3. Harmony and Numerology
  4. Thoughts, Beliefs and the Quantum Field
  5. The Need for Humility Inside God’s Architecture
  6. The Equilibrium
  7. What is Conscience and How to Analyze It
  8. Social and Spiritual Poles
  9. How Numbers Influence Our Identity
  10. Freewill, Responsibility and Conscience

The Triangular Dynamic of a Spiritual Existence

 People tend to ask me what is a life purpose, how to find one and how to know which life purpose is the right one. And yet, the only reason why they lack an answer for this question is because they don’t know how to define a life purpose.

 Life purpose is what interferes with the perception of ourselves, our ambitions and emotions. And well, most people have a perception of themselves related to their environment, and then lack the capability to distinguish themselves from such surroundings. They may even seek answers in their friends and relatives, which are merely there, in their reality, as part of the reflection of what they express in relation to them and not within the real identity. As a matter of fact, once you know your real identity, your friends and relatives may stop identifying themselves with you. [...]


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