The Dark Side of the Law of Attraction

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Those that extensively studied the law of attraction, still wonder why it can’t be applied to spiritual, loving, compassionate, religious and, basically, deserving people. But also why those that practice meditation regularly can’t make the law of attraction work for them.

This book provides such answers and many more, that are often too uncomfortable to discuss in public and you won’t ever hear, due to the discomfort that causes in so many people hearing it.

However, this dark side of the law of attraction is exactly what fills the unexplainable gap to why it doesn’t work on so many individuals that seem to understand it.

The law of attraction is also the law of vibration, and this vibration is interconnected with many things that build our personality and define our choices in life, namely, who we love and our perception of love, but also who we hate and our perception of rejection. [...]

  1. Why the LOA Doesn’t Apply to Anyone
  2. Why the LOA Can’t Be Scientifically Explained
  3. The Law of Detachment
  4. The Binary Mindset
  5. How Fear Stops Dreamers
  6. Why Poverty is a State of Mind
  7. 8 Qualities of Successful Individuals
  8. How People Act Against Themselves
  9. The Difference Between Speakers and Doers
  10. How People Change the Nature of Money
  11. How People Use Love to Make you Poor
  12. Why Success is Always a Choice

Why the LOA Doesn’t Apply to Anyone

 An interesting thing about the law of attraction, is that it may take time to manifest your desires, but when it does, everything fits into order and at the same time, like magic.

 Most people quit too soon, because they think that what they want will come like they expect it to come. In other words, people choose things to demand from the universe, and these things are based in their paradigms, which are formed in a certain way that refuses the manifestation of their desires. So, they think that they will attract what they want by observing and making decisions with old ways of perceiving reality, and that’s why they don’t get anything from it. They may then say that the law of attraction doesn’t work, when in fact it didn’t work for them only. [...]


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