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Dan Desmarques



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We trust doctors and researches in the field of mental health out of lack of choices. But the psychiatric industry is intrinsically connected to the government and the lobbies of the pharmaceutical corporations.

As you will se in this book, much of what should be known about mental health is kept hidden from the general public. And on the other hand, a lot of what is promoted intends to destroy the natural state of mind of the majority of the people who go through these methods.

Most of the population of the world is willing to cooperate with the system promoted by those in control, for it is easier than to oppose and revolt. To oppose the mainstream solutions is now an act of rebellion seen as insanity or conspiracy. As such, the elimination of dissents, by discrediting them, is easily put in practice due to the ignorance of the many.

The vast majority of the population lacks answers that can help them in coping with life as it is right now, and in overcoming their personal problems. Many are already mentally broken and unable to think effectively.

It is for these, that seek alternatives and want to rehabilitate themselves, but also become more resilient and capable of handling different types of difficulties, that this book was created.

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