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Dan Desmarques

Your Soul Purpose

Your Soul Purpose

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Human evolution is affected by a multitude of elements, many of which manifest during the process of reincarnation through many lifetimes. Along these paths, even though prosperity tends to seem the prevalent rule that guides everyone towards certain choices in their existence, either more positive or negative, there are many others that tend to be invisible to the masses. These rules are related to karma, sacred geometry and cosmic values. And the distinction between them and our own consciousness, determines our level of success, in our relationships, finances and measurement of happiness. One can’t simply be happy without fulfilling his spiritual role in the universe while obeying it. And yet, many people forget this basic principle, namely, when they pursue illusions that don’t fulfill them. In this sense, the purpose of this book - Your Soul Purpose , consists in clarifying the goal of human life and what needs to be taken into consideration to understand how to live it to the fullest within a larger plan, even cosmic, and not simply the one present on planet earth.

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