Your Soul Purpose

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Human evolution is affected by a multitude of elements, many of which manifest during the process of reincarnation through many lifetimes. Along these paths, even though prosperity tends to seem the prevalent rule that guides everyone towards certain choices in their existence, either more positive or negative, there are many others that tend to be invisible to the masses. These rules are related to karma, sacred geometry and cosmic values. And the distinction between them and our own consciousness, determines our level of success, in our relationships, finances and measurement of happiness. One can’t simply be happy without fulfilling his spiritual role in the universe while obeying it. And yet, many people forget this basic principle, namely, when they pursue illusions that don’t fulfill them. In this sense, the purpose of this book - Your Soul Purpose , consists in clarifying the goal of human life and what needs to be taken into consideration to understand how to live it to the fullest within a larger plan, even cosmic, and not simply the one present on planet earth.

  1. Introduction
  2. The Importance of Reincarnation in Evolution
  3. How Do We Evolve?
  4. How Imagination Interferes in Evolution
  5. The Stages of Change
  6. What is the Cause of Human Degradation?
  7. What is the Relevance of Suffering in Evolution?
  8. The Implications of Reincarnation in Individualism
  9. Evolution Beyond Human DNA
  10. How Morality Leads to Enlightenment
  11. Responsibility as the Basis for Consciousness
  12. How to Overcome the Evil of Others
  13. How Many Levels Does Consciousness Have?
  14. How Evil Interferes With Consciousness?
  15. The Illusion of Spiritual Immunity
  16. The Path of the Chosen by God
  17. The Perception of Justice and the Spiritual Levels
  18. How Negative Actions Affect Consciousness
  19. The Assimilation of Sin and Divine Punishment
  20. A The Bridge Between the Visible and the Invisible
  21. How to Awaken Knowledge From Previous Lives?
  22. The Transmutation of the Identity

The Importance of Reincarnation in Evolution

Reincarnation can drastically alter the condition in which a person develops, but only up to a certain level, since all human beings are endowed with the freedom to think and exercise their imaginative capacity to attract responses that lead them to the universe of their desired experiences. And these are the ones who possess all the potential to alter the planetary state also through an intervention in the present state of global consciousness. From this state of mind, it is possible to enjoy an evolution even higher than this, which should be a permanent ambition of all beings who aspire to enlightenment. For the reverse manifests itself in the many others who regress to lower planes, where the limitations are greater.

To understand these differences, it suffices to observe the very manifestations that life offers us and to correlate the variables with the causes behind all the events that arise. In short, the difference between rich and poor societies within the same planet manifests tendencies of group consciousness on a larger scale. And so, they show us that opportunities and experiences are very different; Levels and learning speeds are unequal; The degree of suffering and happiness are tremendously different. And in this sense, it is so important to recognize why we reincarnate in such nations, as it is to recognize the potential that we have, as spiritual beings, to cross them and choose in which we intend to live. In this context, it is interesting to observe so many people, coming from more developed countries, doing volunteer work, helping or simply living in countries that are very poor. This process of voluntary spiritual regression also occurs between planets, so we should not consider all beings in this situation as fallen angels or punished aliens. Most of the cases, such as those we observe on earth, with indigo children, are volunteers.

The relationship between all beings on the same planet is far more tenuous than one might think, and even the 7 billion people on this planet cannot remove the closeness that exists between all of them, in any corner of the world, and despite the inequalities of the past planetary or interplanetary systems that may seem to separate them.

We are all united, whether we realize this or not, by the same value system. The independent will is not separated from such a system. And karma is just the word we give to the process of ignoring the cosmic rules that govern each of our lives. In fact, the less spiritual and less conscious a person is, the more subject such person is to the karmic consequences of his actions.

This karmic system would not have as much impact if telepathy was an involuntary rather than voluntary phenomenon. For we would automatically perceive the value of empathy, compassion, truth, and cooperation. If we know how, and are sufficiently evolved to do so, the thought of any human being anywhere in the world can be visualized and understood by one elsewhere. For the truth is that most of the thoughts that occupy the mind rarely belong to us, and in some cases they do not even originate in this galaxy or physical plane of reality.

It is because we all share the same collective consciousness, at a subconscious level for the vast majority, that telling a lie is always a spiritual crime against the ones we share it with as much as ourselves and the whole of humanity. Those who lie commit a spiritual sin and do have karmic consequences being attracted to them. As a matter of fact, as a human being evolves to higher states of awareness, he comes to the realization that telling a lie, especially the ones which protect his reputation, contradicts his own spiritual purpose and evolution. And so, he finds himself unable to be amongst those who, by not being tolerant towards differences, for being uninvolved, force one to lie. And sadly, he comes also to the realization that this is a fact within all congregations, as much as it is in the lowest stratums of society, for a tribalistic mindset always invites ignorance in different forms.

Upon this realization, he comes to the conclusion that he cannot share the same space with most humans without causing inevitable conflict and discrimination, starting with a collection of various insults, and ending in violence, and, in some cases, even death. And what a shame it is, when in the name of a lie, crowds sacrifice the best amongst them, when the opposite should be happening, as has always been the desire of God — protect the very few from the many.


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